Shabazz Released!!

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WOW.. The Bummers are tearing apart the ONLY thing that worked for them last year!!!

I noticed the Riders released Armstead,maybe he will come back,I havent heard any news on Chris Williams.

If he has been released then I think OB needs to pick him up, he's got the reputation for being a big hitter, I believe he put Jessie out didn't he ?
Recievers coming over the middle will certainly develop a case of alligator arms when they know he's there.
Would certainly be an upgrade in any D backfield

Armstead's having another "bad" off-season:

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You are right, it is really rare for a 27 year old QB to get better.
By the way Danny Mac was never a starting QB in the CFL until he was 30.

Blackandgold, don't cloud the issue with facts. :wink:

I'm actually quite surprised they released him. He can hit, but why did he have to go and refer to himself by name?? lol I HATE that!! I don't know if we need him though.

Armstead is a tool. He never learns and the upside of his "talent" certainly doesn't outweigh the downside of him being a basket case. Trouble with a capital T. Second time he's had issues with weapons and evading the police. No thanks.

ya he is right...
How often does a 27 year old QB get better?

Calvillo was 26 when he signed as a back up with MTL... So apparently at least a couple of times.

Shabazz would be a Nice pickup if can get him..
I think he has enough speed to play at DB

You have to remember that the CFL is completely different than what they have grown up playing.

It does take time to develop a QB in the CFL.

A 27 year old QB gets better all the time in the CFL. How old was Doug Flutie when he came to BC as a write off?

Remember, a QB from the states graduates at 22. He might get drafted or signed by an NFL team. First year he might make a PR, second year he might get released at the end of training camp. The next year he might sign with a couple teams before getting released.

These QBs will exhaust every option available to them in the USA before coming to Canada. So using my example above, he comes to the CFL at 25. Might be a 3rd stringer his first year. His second year might be a 2nd stringer and get some playing time. Maybe in his third year he becomes a starter or takes a more substantail role. Now he is 27/28.

The first two rules of Bummer Fan Player Personnel.

  1. Every new player acquired is cause for dramatic reappraisal of team's fortunes.

  2. Every player released or traded away is "overrated" or "overpaid" no matter how much they were valued by fans in the past.

Here Mopar, you have 15 minutes to read this 1252 page book and write me a detailed 2000 word essay on what it's about.I expect you to score %90 MINIMUM.Can't do it?You fail the course then, goodbye.That's the exact same thing you're doing to Porter.Fair isn't it?

They're having a hard time with this one, hell Shabazz was one of their biggest argument's on how they were gunna tear us apart this year.What now?

Pierce signing upped the potency of the Kool-aid out there.
They are attempting to achieve the impossible they admit to be in rebuilding mode yet Buck makes them "contenders" at the same time.

If O'Bie felt that Shabazz or Armstead were worth another "chance or look", I sure wouldn't have any problem with it. (Remember he says "better is better".) In the case of Armstead it looks like his problem is with the same woman. She is not the one up here playing football...he was, and he was doing let's hope he moves on in more ways than one.

At one point I really enjoyed the conversation that was displayed on this venue. However, lately people have a need to get off topic and bash players who have not surpassed thier expectations. I beleive most of the people who participate are hard core Tiger Cat football fans and just football fans in general. So in the future watch the subject matter box and comment appropriately. At some time during the season I would love to put a face on some of the individuals who regulary
post threads on this site. Why don't we as a group set up a place and time to meet and greet ??????? Russ are you still out there????

This makes no sense, The bombers just released one of their best players. Add this to the loss of Hefney, i could see their defence taking a nice tumble this season.

I would pick up Armstead too, he had a great season last year. That's one area where we are lacking, kick/punt returns.

Also that passing play of his was money :cowboy:

Are you serious? What does Glenn or Porter have to do with the topic of "Shabazz Released"? You really are showing yourself to be quite the fool. Either that or you're illiterate. Which one is it? I don't care what the article talked about, this thread is about Shabazz not Glenn or Porter or any other CFL player.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. I'm stunned by this. The Bombers D has been ripped apart with the loss of Simpson, Hefney and Walls, and now you can add Shabazz to that list. That's a good chunk gone from last year's pretty decent unit. Heck, the one area the Bombers were actually competent in last season was defense. Seems like this and the Pierce signing even each other out now. The Bombers are slightly better on offense while not being slightly (or maybe more than slightly) worse on defense.

I kinda feel bad for Bombers fans because they are having the same revolving door problem the Cats went through.