Shabazz For Ellis?

I dont know if this was neccessary... we have good d linemen as it already is, why would we trade Shabazz? He was becoming a team leader, and is young, and just keeps getting better, Ellis, is old, and he cant get any better, dont mistake me... hes good, but he isnt worth Shabazz, i dont know what Danny was thinking, if he was thinking at all... Another dissapointing move by the Edmonton Eskimos

Were I an Eskimo fan, I'd be ticked at the deal.

Were I a Bomber fan, I'd be very happy.

Oh, I'm pissed about this trade. What the hell was management thinking when they agreed to this deal? Honest to God, how has Danny M. not been run out of town yet?

Now that the Eskimos have signed Maurice Lloyd I am guessing they felt they had strength at linebacker and need to fill a hole on the line.

Where did you hear that the Eskimos signed Maurice Lloyd?
and wrong, even with Lloyd, Barrenchea is gone, and now Shabazz is gone, where the hell is the strength coming from?
this is just plane ridiculous, UGH, the Eskimos dont know the meaning of building a winning team anymore, idc that we made the playoffs last year, we still did terrible...

One posistive is that we have Scott Gordon, hes pretty good, and im excited for him in an Eskimos jersey

Reported on TSN.

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hey guys : eskimos rock ... i made the same mistake shabazz & ellis are both 28 ..... hate to see shabazz go but ellis will fit in real well here :slight_smile: esks in '09 :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

as far as auggie goes ....... im guesssing he was about to make a fair bit of coin & we prob. needed it to help sign lloyd ....sad to see aggie go too goes on.......