SFU Program Is no More

Not sure why others schools are against SFU Football coming back?

Thinking there might be more to this story than meets the eye.

And I haven’t even read the article yet.

Oh, those schools are not against SFU coming back, they’ve offered to play SFU if they do comeback. It just shows that there is indeed a path forward for the team to play in 2023.


They mean opponents to play against in an indepwndent (non-conference affiliated) schedule.


Okay I think I am starting to understand.

U Sports constitution may not allow for an independent school to compete?

Just curious as I am not as knowledgeable about the inner workings.

Have a beer and start fresh in the morning.

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football opponents to play against. not opposed to them coming back.

Just had a few.

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You haven’t had enough. I’ll help you out and have a few for you.

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If the above is true, then the AD needs to be let go immediately

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Interesting. Not the best outcome for the student athletes but the door appears open for at least some exhibition games this fall and maybe joining USports in 2024. That’ll mean some tough decisions for athletes who might want to transfer to a school with a full slate for the 2023 season.

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With any luck, we’ll see a Canadian field there for the 2024 season.


I’ve read that SFU has finally let the football athletes back into the locker room to access their personal posessions and has allowed them access to strength and conditioning facilities. Some progress, at least.

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Or maybe not:


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F U :-1: SFU

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Can we still make donations and try to save the team?

The SFU Football alumni Twitter page


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