SFU Program Is no More

Looks like the multi decade experiment with US football is finally over for SFU.


Good riddance to a an idea that had its best before date in 1991.

Time for the program to be reborn as a USport team which it should have always been anyway.


Hopefully they'll figure something out so they can continue football at SFU--if not this year, then next.

I'm with you in that I'd love to see them join USports. And while they're at it, bring in UBCO and UVic too.

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Great point. The addition of those schools could almost constitute the formation of an all BC conference. Makes way too much sense not to happen

I doubt SFU will reinstate their football program in any fashion, and as for U. Vic. my understanding is that they will only maintain programs that have opportunities for both men and women. UBC O, hmm, maybe its more likely.

This makes sense, and I think there are many schools that have the same policy. A lot of Ontario universities are now starting women's flag football teams. Hopefully that will snowball across the country and eventually include tackle football.

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SFU has thrown in the towel even tho the possibility of joining USport may actually exist.

link to original SFU Press Release

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Sadly, I think you may be correct in that assumption. There were football alums on the radio yesterday, and they all stated they were never consulted or informed anything was even wrong before the school abruptly pulled the plug on the program.
The fact they never even reached out to U Sport speaks volumes.

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The alumni in UBC stepped up when their sports , especially football, almost ended with something called sports targeting.

Maybe the alumni in SFU can step up to save the program soon .

Ya that would be great for football at all levels.

The athletic director responsible for threatening some of those programs at UBC is now the athletic director of SFU.It seems that there is a power play going on behind the scenes.
There might be logistics problems with the new turf field that was installed 2 years ago.

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I hope you are right, but without the blessing from the school, it’s dead in the water.

At UBC, they hired an athletic director who was almost totally focused on intramurals rather than actual competitive sports.

It really appears to be the C students who are running athletic programs in this country. This is just the largest blunder in a long line.

The AD at SFU said that they didn’t meet the membership requirements for other organizations but then you have USport who stated they never even tried to contact them. Like seriously? How do these morons keep their jobs?


Louise Cowan was brought in to "review" the athletic programs at UBC wanting to make it healthier by eliminating competitive sports and replacing them with Quidditch or something.

Ashley Howard was also brought in as her background was in Ultimate Disc.

The Alumni threatened to withhold their contribution of the endowment at that time.

The Vancouver Sun had an article back in 2013 about this subject.

Now Cowin is at Toronto Metro University (Ryerson) as their athletic director.

Not sure about what Howard is up to these days.

Ya that’s the group. Absolutely insane how either of those people got their jobs or why would anyone hire them afterward. They literally had/have no clue what a university athletic program is supposed to be.
It’s no wonder why university sport is in the sad state it currently is in


Farhan is so choked. this is a good interview:

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it's bigger than football. the whole SFU athletics dept is in turmoil right now and lacking in leadership and direction.

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Alumni are trying to do something i think


Wholeheartedly agree with Doug Brown’s comments. People in leadership positions
that presided over this mess (and apparently others), need to be held accountable.

But this is Canada so a few cliches being thrown around should be enough to keep those folks employed.