Sexy CFL music video

[b]Just call them the Boatwomen.

The Toronto Argo cheerleaders put together a fun music video to the high-energy tunes Nicki Minaj.

And, it’s actually pretty entertaining.

During their recent trip to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Maarten aboard the Celebrity Reflection, the girls took time out of their CFL calendar shoot to entertain us with this beauty:

[url=] ... -its-good/[/url][/b]

Going viral with nearly 60,000 views now. The CFL is #1 baby! :rockin:

Nice lookin dames but unwatchable without the mute button.

Figured as much with Nickie fucking annoying Minaj.

Reminds me of when a reporter once asked ex-Beatle the late great George Harrison what he thought of the Spice Girls.His answer was well at least you can mute the sound and just look at them. :slight_smile:

Other than the song itself, nice vid. Love the ladies! :slight_smile: