I have never been so happy to see sexism alive and well if it means I never actually have to see Turkeybend in spandex...just seeing it in print was frightening enough....

As it is, I may need to consume copious quantities of Lagavulin to sufficiently blur the image....

So sorry, Turkey!
No vote from me.
But do you have plans for Thanksgiving.....?

A straight line like that is so hard to resist......

But I shall.


Hey wait a minute fellas,
Don't be alarmed, I promise to wear the male 'bra' the 'BRO' during the bathing suit portion of the contest. Furthermore, my banjo will cover up any parts which might offend! But Spandex for sure!!!

I need your votes more than those Canadian Idol losers do. C'mon support the underdog and help defeat sexism at its worst!!


Oh man!!
I'm not sure I can drink that much scotch...but I will do my best....

I'll ship a case of Canadian Club out your way to supplement the need to drink to repress such horrid mental images, Arius.

Appreciate it, dude!!

I only hope JM can mix the chocitini's fast enough.....
Nobody rock the boat.....

In that case, I better supplement her supply of Smirnoff and Creme de Cacao to make sure there's enough for everybody.

For those who wanted to see jm02's picture:

Awwww kept it!! How sweet.....:lol:

No way - actually that is mrs. turkeybend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wait, turkey is married to jm? Does the REAL mr. jm know about this?

I'am moving to Prince Albert!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy:

Moi aussi!! :thup:

It looks like jm02 is a stamp fan!

You've got it right Arius, but it isn't scotch, Turkeys trying to increase sales of his "Turkey Hootch"! Him in a bathing suit for Miss Rough Rider might do it! :wink:

Mrs Turkeybend??? I thought Mrs Turkey was really Saskargo? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

OK, I am officially on the floor and busting a gut over that one. :lol: :lol: :lol:

You forgot already Mongo?????

Didn't we have a mock wedding last year between Turkey and Saskargo over a lost bet?

I think Saskargo's other favorite poster Billysoup was the ring bearer or something like that! :lol: :lol: :lol:

And I think jm02 was one of the bridesmaids! :lol: :lol:

Dude, I pretty much shut down just after the schedule was released, and I haven't fully awaken from my off-season hibernation until this past weekend. :lol:

Some people will allege its due to a newly found addiction to Facebook. And while I have been a daily visitor and almost as frequent contibutor to that site, I still lurked here while making the weekly prognastication in the VGCC (and quite well at it, I might add).

However, I really can't fathom jm being one of the bridesmaids unless someone misconstrued the actual nuances of a "shotgun wedding." Either that or someone did a bait and switch on who her "date" was supposed to be.. coughakrazscough :lol:

Married to Saskargo.. that might explain Turkey's posts... maybe he can tell us what its like to lose your balls to a shrew...