How ridiculous is this!
I have been informed that my application to run for Miss Saskatchewan Roughrider in the contest which selects a team representative for the Grey Cup festivities has been denied. What a farce. Really, would you folks not rather see a HEALTHY TURKEY FARMER IN SPANDEX REPRESENTING THE RIDERS RATHER THAN ONE OF THOSE SKANKS IN BIKINIS SEEN BY THE HOTTUB AT THE RIDER - BOMBERS GAME ON THE WEEKEND!!! My word, all they talk about is equal opportunity but it seems to be only a one-way street.
I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please sign your name and make a comment in support of this old turkey to ensure equal rights for both genders. Heck, I even have my tail feathers already picked out for the walk down the the cat- sorry I mean Turkeywalk!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin:

I don't believe in equal rights.

This topic is so wrong... :lol:

Turkey it would have been a good bet that you would have won! You are by far the best looking female in Saskatchewan. The Sheep will now be safe!


If you try for Miss Roughrider jm, I'll vote for you, but I would need a pic so I know which one to vote for... :wink:

Skank seems to be the word of the week.

We arent talking about Miss Blue Bomber piggy…

There are a couple here who know what I look like, sam.....find 'em out and they'll tell you.....:lol:

I dunno, I suspect jm02 is really HAWT.

Besides my ex-girl friend lives there and she's a total babe.

Is that couple your mom & dad?

I believe jm is a strawberry blond ? Haven't met one of those that I didn't like. :wink:

And Sambo, I know you're joking, and when you and amigos finally make the trek out here for a game or two you will be amazed. Might not even want to go back. :lol:

lol LeBird - no, they’re friends of mine on here…there are half a dozen or so lurking around…

And she’s not a strawberry blond…she’s a full-on redhead…

Ive always said that Winnipeg was a nice city..I have friends who live there, and it would be great to see them again. I like it here is small town Sask, believe it or not.. Moose Jaw is a nice quiet city of 35K-- great place to live.

OOps sorry JM02 my appologies! 2nd best looking female. (brown nosing applied)

....brown nosing accepted....

Hey were talkin turkey here! Those hairy legs of his should do it for the miss roughrider contest hands down. JM02 sorry but I here from Sambo the guys there like their women with real hairy legs.

Turkey, Let's hope the selection is real soon. With your great rounded looks you might not survive Thanksgiving.

C'mon 05 there has got to be a "i thought everyone from Sask had red hair" joke in there, jj folks but I couldn't resist after the humbling on LD and BBowl right around the corner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geez, with all this push by rw05 for turkey to be Miss Green & White, it almost makes one think that the guy is trying to step to gobbleboy. :lol: