Sexiest Rider?

Who gets your vote (and guys, don't complain...just move along if you don't like it)

sorry bout the typo on the poll

Can the girls complain? How degrading...

Im going to guess that many women will be leaning towards Dressler.

I voted for Eddie Johnson because of his creepy mustache and his inability to kick consistently.

I'm kidding I voted for Durant. Guys can vote too right? :cowboy:

Alright my vote went to Tamon George.

I think i need a definition of what you mean by sexy, in order to take the vote. Are you talking looks, car he drives, potential future income, best husband/father potential, butte, etc, etc. :wink:

I remember an office pool where the gals picked the winning team based on the QB with the best butte.

Need more info.....

I like Alissa!

This is one of your better posts I must say, instead of the usual 90% nonesense posts you poke in and around these forums.

What position does she play? We need a DE, she doesnt look like a DE! 8)


no she's a TA :lol:

She's no different look wise than any New York jet and/or any other cheerleader girl down in the States (and Canada), so with that said she plays the "CENTER" position and in essense she touches the ball first before the pivot. :cowboy:

LOL, love the creativity.

Sorry TrickyNikki, post got off topic a bit.

I voted for Eddie cause he works bar in California in the off season. Gals would dig that and i assume he has lots of good one liners and/or is a good listener. My wife syas that is very important, so she helped out with the vote.