Several thousand Ticats fans are suspects ! LOL :cowboy:


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. -- A fire has gutted the Toronto Argonauts' training facility at the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus.

The blaze broke out early Saturday morning and police say it's not yet clear what set it off.

The Argos released a statement saying no one was injured in the fire and that an investigation is currently underway to determine the cause.

The team also said it has yet to determine where the Argos will practice for the 2012 CFL season.

Images of the fire show smoke and fire billowing out of the white portable building used to house the team's football operations staff, players' dressing rooms and equipment room.

The Argos players work out at a separate building on the Erindale campus.

how is that funny at all

Thus far Mark, nobody has said the fire was funny. Where do you see an indication that someone did?

I think it's pretty funny.

It's not like anyone was hurt or lost their home. Lighten up a little bit.

The University of Toronto people that were dead agains't the idea of expanding Varsity into a professional type venue are probably laughing their arses off at one of their own teams in Toronto.

Well, it's Toronto, that's what they do there so I'm told. :lol:

Ok, so the current 5,000 seater Varsity has nicer dressing rooms than the current IWS, pro team. Guess what, going to be changing there Univ. Toronto people, and soon. :wink: A 5,000 seater for such a "prestigious" huge university like Univ of Toronto is a mega time embarrasement for the university. :wink: :lol:

from Drew Edwards, Scratching Post

The only bit of news today: the Argos practice facilty was damaged by fire. Nobody was hurt so is it OK to make a few jokes? Becauae I'm wondering if an leftover storeroom full of Bart Andrus hair care products might be to blame.

Now that's funny !! LOL !!

My own wife tells me that I take many things too seriously and she is probably right. Since nobody died
or was injured in the fire, I'll add my own jovial comment to the situation.

News Flash: Mississauga - A fire today half destroyed the Toronto Arsonist's AKA Argonuts Football Practice
Complex. There were no deaths or injuries to report, however, several Ticat fans were seen fleeing from the
crime site.
Both Ticat and Arg/o fans are trying to take credit for the fire. :rockin:

News Flash

Mississauga OPP have reported extensive damage to the paper copies of Toronto Argonauts' offensive game plans for the past five years. Value estimated at around 5 cents.

And based on the quality of their performances through this past season, it would not have been missed at all!!!

Bart Andrus's Greatest Hits in napkin form available now! Notice the "receiver in motion"...LMAO

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


Has to be Phil Lind that did this. :wink: Or that Mayor from Toronto who eats everything, obviously, including his own. :lol: