Seven players fined after Week 13 action

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League announced on Thursday that seven players have been fined after Week 13 action.

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A fine for spitting? As John McEnroe would say, you can’t be serious!


Must've been from a play other than "the" play . . . unless the league is acknowledging Wilder is a butthead.

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Not for spitting - for spitting on another player.

About 3 plays before Wilder went after Lawrence, Simoni hit Wilder helmet-to-helmet while Wilder was in the grasp of a couple of other defenders.


I was at the Montreal game in the Hammer last month SL did the same kind of 'intent to injure' hit on William Stanbach. WS got bent awkwardly in half backwards. WS screams at him and the refs at the end of the play. WS missed the last possessions and the next game.


That’s what I meant.

Spitting’s not only unsportsmanlike conduct (not to mention juvenile), it’s a great way to spread Covid.

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I was thinking the same thing.

League just had to find a fine on Lawrence! Hit wasn't late or high. Wilder was still on his feet trying to get more yards, whistle hadn't blown and Lawrence dove into the pile, period. Was it helmet, yes a bit but come on helmet hits happen wasn't deliberate! Want to stop plays like this, blow the whistle when the guy is stopped and held up. Same thing happens when a QB is in the grasp, some they let play out some they whistle dead. There is zero consistancy.

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Ha,Ha,Ha, you got caught!!

Is the mail service that slow in the Peg that Harris hasn't got that sample back from the lab yet ? :syringe:

What makes you think my reply was towards you or your team?
I didn't attach to anyone.....

Was that a confession? LOL.

Trigger much ? :rofl: you need to calm down and relax a little bit there . :laughing:

Just remember it's all in fun until someone gets an eye poked out . :eye:

My comment was in general, 7 Seven players were fined. My comment was just that. 7 players got caught. Lol

And my comment was about the lousy postal service in the Peg . Are they still using the horses or what ? :horse_racing: :carousel_horse:

Nope, we use monkeys now, more reliable. Plus fun to watch. :gorilla:

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The problem with using monkeys though is that they get easily distracted . :hear_no_evil:

And, they literally work for bananas.


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