Seven officials released

Did anyone else catch this tidbit from TSN that the league has released seven officials from working games this year. The season started with 42 officials to make up 6 teams of 7 zebras and has gone down to 35. This is very good news as the quality of officiating has been very inconsistent this year and it sends a message that performance evaluations are not just lip service. I hope the remaining 35 don't over-react and start dropping flags like a NASCAR race, but maybe they'll pay a little closer attention when somebody grabs a jersey that allows someone to score a TD.

Good move by the league. Hopefully fans and viewers will notice the improvement :thup:

It’s don’t think these officials were demoted for unsatisfactory work,
I believe their July and August CFL work was part of their training, cager.

They will continue getting experience in University and amateur football.

Someone had more details on this in a recent post.


Sometimes an individual official is demoted.

CFL official demoted for incorrect call

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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8) If your going to report that 7 officials have been released (that fact was already reported on this site),
 then at least give us the names of those said officials  !!!!