Seven hours and counting.....

Okay, boys…are you ready for it? Seven hours to kickoff in the biggest game of the year!!! Who will make the biggest impact for each team today - who will be a determining factor in whether they win or lose??

Edmonton - no-brainer here…Ricky Ray. If he comes out flat like the last few games and Maas has to play saviour again, it could very well be an uphill battle all game long…if not, then they could run away with it. We all know Edmonton has the talent!!

Montreal - a little tougher…I’m putting my prediction with Ben Cahoon, knowing full well he’ll be heavily covered all game. Get him open, and reap the rewards!!

.......I'm looking forward to the coaching duel.......the Rookie against the Veteran.....can Don mess with DM's mind.......perhaps........

Can't wait for kickoff!

For history buffs check out a photo of the first Grey Cup in Toronto, 1909 between Parkdale and the U of T at Rosedale Field.

[url=] ... pg&.src=ph[/url]

As Vincent Massey says: "We don't need to make our history interesting. It is interesting.

My favourite game any league of the year. photo.....

Very neat stuff Earl.

0 days 5 hours 54 minutes and 56 seconds


And the SADDEST thing about today is that after about 9pm eastern, we have to wait to next June~July for more CFL football, the greatest team sport in the world!

Ya its depressing when its over.
Next weekend I will be looking for a CFL fix

i wish there was a CFL videogame to keep me occupied this winter.... and i could see maas in a TI-CAT jersey

I have that photo , framed in my house.I grew up there.There is a small sign there about it.

The same club house it still there.

100,000 people saw the GREY CUP parade :shock: :smiley:

judgement day baby!


LET'S GO AL'S!!!!!!!!

3 1/2 hours!!!!!!!

Hi Everyone Lookout for Thyron Anderson today,he's my bet to have a breakout game. Go ALS GO

1 hour 12 minutes!

.........on now!!!!!!!!!!!.........