Just wondering how the hell he slipped in the game with an injury that obviously impacted his kicking. 30 yard punt? are you fricken kidding me??? I think his best of the night was 43 yards or so >.<
Next time please test the guy before you throw him into the game PLEASE.... We have Stala for a reason.

Yeah, agreed :thup:

where did Stala get his kicking experience anyways, was it University or Highschool, or both?

Setta was a game-time decision. The roster (including the non-active players) had already been submitted to the League officials. MB trusted Setta when he (Setta) said he was good-to-go. Being the competitor he is, Setta probably thought he could grind it out; but looking back, Stala should have been doing all the kicking/punting. Why risk further injury on the first game of the season?

BTW - we could NOT have activated another player at that time.

Stala was Montreal's kicker and receiver in 2006 as they lost their kicker due to injury. He's not bad, better then Serna from Winniped. Haha