Which NFL team do you think might try him out next year??

The first thing our new GM should do is throw a lot of cash Setta's way and lock him up long term. He was the best kicker in the CFL this year, and will be for many years to come. To let him leave would be absolutely stupid. He is a franchise player, like Lumsden, Moreno and Printers.

we oughta fire the clown that didnt lock him up long term........oh wait, never mind.

Nick might do well to look at what has happened with other Cdn kickers in the NFL...they generally don't seem to stay long

On the other hand, Passaglia, Cutler, Osbo, Westwood, (and many others)had long and distinguished football careers, Hall of Fame contenders, and people who will always be known and loved in their Team's home.

Yes we can (and undoubtably will!) offer an enhanced remuneration package...bit Nick is the guy that needs to weigh the gamble of jumping ship, versus what he could end up with at career's end with the team that brought him in and gave him his chance...


Being american he will do what most of them do when they have a standout year here and chance to go back, he will go and its hard to blame him. If and when he returns we should have a shot at long term. It would be hard to match anything they offer him down there but keeping him would be a huge bonus. Now we gotta find a kicker, great!

Setta is still here, at least through next season.

No need to rush out and find a kicker...yet.

Lots of rumors he is heading to the nfl. If he is under contract here next year for his option he can still try the nfl, just means we still have him if he decides, or they do, to come back. Be good to have him as searching for a kicker was not easy last time.

we just have to make sure we do all the right steps to secure his coming back to Hamilton if the NFL doesn't work.