He continues to be a great field goal kicker.He hasn't been asked to go for really long ones .His punts are impressively high but don't have a lot of distance.What shouldn't be happening is that there has been many big punt returns.With his towering punts there should be little or no return.I haven't seen the stats but does anyone know where he stands in net punting distance?when the fall winds pick up he will need to kick lower and with tight spirals.If he doesn't he will be able to catch a lot of his own punts.

setta has had 40 punts for 1448 yards and a 36.2 average which is 6th in the league out of 10 punters

but setta does have the best field goal percentage

No - he has a 40.3 average, there are a lot of kickers with a very similar average. He could very easily be number 2 or last.

his punting was inconsistant at best friday night.

Yeah, his punting has been off and on over the past few games. But the way I look at it, I'd rather have him excel at place kicking if I was going to choose one or the other.

And maybe there is a bit of a silver lining, if he has a couple bad games it decreases the chances of him bolting to the NFL when his option comes up! :wink:

  • paul

That is EXACTLY what has been running through my head, a few bad punting games here and there will keep him in the CFl, which means we can continue to have solid place-kicking.

I take all the blame on Setta's missed field-goal last week. I had to state that he was money as he was lining up and that this was automatic.

In looking back at the last few games, kick returns have been similar for the Cats and their opponents; while opponents have done a little better at punt returns. Winnipeg of course had a number of opportunities to return kick offs on Friday which may have made it look like their returns were disproportionately better than that of the Cats’ which they really weren’t, as far as I can tell.