I was not very impressed with Setta's work in the last game.His kickoffs were weak and his placements were marginal.Punts didn't have much height or distance.I think kicking will still be a weakness.

I can see you took the wind into your accessment.

Kick-offs were awesome.

Did you notice that the Cats chose to kick-off and not punt in the 1st half after a safety, and we kept the Bombers DEEP in their end.

Punts were very good. (even the punt off the missed snap went 40 yards)

Put your fears to other areas.
The kicking will not cost us games this year.

Setta will do just fine.

Isn't that the choice of the recieving team?

Regardless I agree that Setta is the stronger kicker in punting and kickoffs. He didn't have many opportunities to showcase his place kicking in the exhibition matches because the Cats weren't forced into many FG situations when he was on duty.

From what I saw in camp, Setta seemed to have the edge.

We know alot more Early Sunday Morning.
After the Game

There is no option to punt after the safety.

The team that scored the safety has the option to:

  1. Take the ball on their own 35.
  2. Receive a kickoff.
  3. Kickoff themselves.

He's from ND what more could you want.

A little Irish luck may be needed Lads.

Were you watching the same game I was?

Setta will not be a problem for us.

Is there a Settagirl yet! :lol:

Setta's punt average was less than 37 yds.


I was at the game in Winnipeg. The hang time on his punts is incredible and his distance into and with the wind was excellent. He reminds me quite a bit of Jon Ryan who punted for Winnipeg two years ago and is now punting for Green Bay.

If he simply maintains his current capability, he may well be the best punter in the league.

His kickoffs were also fine, the short one was obviously short by intention.

As for his placements, he just missed the one he attempted (from 38 yards think).

That would make him an "Irish Setta"

:lol: :lol:

haha good one! :slight_smile:

You people slay me. Could we actually allow the kid to play a full game in regular season before we decide to make him our next whipping boy?? :roll:

Yeah, seriously.
Of his 4 punts, 2 were excellent, including one really nice one into the wind.
He had one shaky one into the wind that bounced back at least 10 yards after it hit the ground, which is what brought the average down.
And the other one he had to kick on the run after recovering a low snap, and still kicked it about 35 or 40 yards.