Setta To Sign With Ticats

Got a question about scotty's comment that we can get at least a monster two years out of Nick: Since that agreement we had with the NFL is no longer in force, are players still allowed to seek NFL contracts going into their option years, or is that option now TRULY in the hands of the team? If, as I hope, it's the latter, we got him for three years!!!!

Thank you Mr. Setta.

I beleive this shows a great deal of professionalism on Mr. Setta's part. Not only for showing confidence in our team but also his loyalty for our franchise.
Setta can become a true Veteran of our team.


Nick Setta: Quality guy. Quality signing. Way to go Obie. :rockin:

Very pleased to hear of Nick's return to the Tiger-Cats. As many previous posters have said, Nick is a quality player, a quality person, and a great advocate for Hamilton. This is a very good day in Tigertown. Let's all do our best to talk him into finishing out here in the Hammer; he's a Tiger-Cat, through and through. Not only a great kicker, but a real, bona fide Hamilton community kind of guy. Love his grit; love his attitude. Welcome home, Nick!

Many a tree has been killed by the Spec and many a keystroke gleefully devoted to what the org. does wrong ....
Setta is one great example of what the org. has done right. finding him, signing him and retaining such a good kicker, which are increasingly harder to find, should be lauded as vigorously.

Nick loves the Hammer and the Hammer loves Nick. :thup: :smiley:

That's wonderful news that Nick Setta is returning. I'm delighted. He's a great guy and a heck of a ball player. He'll be a core player for us for a good stretch, maybe the next in a string of great kickers in Hamilton like Zuger, Ruoff, and Ozzie. That would be amazing. It's great that he feels so positive about the team and the city. Super news.

Right now the ability to sign an NFL contract in the option window is also written in to the collective Bargaining agreement with the CFLPA. While it is annoying it also helps attract players who may not try the CFL at all if this wasn't available to them. Short answer is nothing has changed...

Made Bomber fans happy too :slight_smile: luv it …

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Pacman Jones is available, I'm sure you guys will snap him up right away, that is if he can get into the country legally.

I just listened to the audio interview Zamperin did with Setta and I can't say enough about Nick. I've said all season long that Setta was a must sign. Listening to what he said about wanting to get other players more involved in the community and building a team in the locker room is very refreshing. He said he wanted it to be part of his job to get new and current players more involved. Kind of reminded me of Danny Mac and all his charity work. Nick is a true asset to the team and the city.

Thanks...does seem to offer an opportunity for greater recruiting, though now wondering if AFL is out of business if it might not be so necessary.

The way things are going he may be the Head Coach. :slight_smile:

I just read the interview Justin Boone did with Nick Setta. What an excellent person Nick is. His feeling about the organization and the city and its people as a big factor in re-signing is wonderful to see, and mentioning that he wants to be able to hold a Grey Cup up here like Angelo Mosca did is a really nice touch about his appreciation of Ticat tradition. He's a dedicated athlete and even more importantly, a good person interested in others more than in himself. I couldn't be happier to have him back, more than any other of our potential FAs. I hope we get to keep him for a good, long, successful career.