Setta To Sign With Ticats

Ken Welch just reported on CHCH-TV that Nick Setta is about to sign a contract with the Ticats for two years plus an option. It is expected that the Ticats will make the official announcement tomorrow.

Great news .. Great New Great News ..
Best Signing of season is the 1st one .. :thup: :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :slight_smile:

Thanks, Obie, for convincing Setta to sign in Hamilton, despite the fact that Setta could have tried out for the NFL this year, and despite the fact that a lot of other CFL teams would have bid for Setta's services had he reached free agency. This was not an easy signing. Good work. I hope Nick is getting a lot of money. He is worth it.


Best signing of the year! There's not a single FA that we needed more!

Setta and Forgetta!

Talk about building blocks and the foundation of a competitive team, it begins with Nick Setta !

And its a fifty yarder right through the uprights Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaa :thup: O bie O bie O bie :smiley:

Don't hurt your arm patting O'Billovich on the back. I don't think it took much convincing since Nick has always said he wanted to stay here. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Either way, if this announcement is made tomorrow it will be the first good news of the New Year. Good job!! To me, he is a MUST SIGN. 2 years plus an option is good. I'd like longer, but I'll take it. I'm really glad Nick and O'Billovich were able to work it out this early.

It's a great job by Obie regardless of Nick saying he wants to be here or not. Fact of the matter is Obie needed to compensate Nick fairly and offer a deal that would be enough for Nick to forego any offer from the NFL. As for the length of the contract 2 years and an option is about the best contract your going to see for pretty much any player. No import will sign for much longer so that if they do end up having a monster 2 years they can explore the riches south of the border.

Good signing..

Hope there are a few more tricks up obies sleeve cause a kicker isn't going to get the Cats into the playoffs.

You mean not like this?

[url=] ... 11021.html[/url]

[i]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats came from behind to win for the fourth time in their last five games when they downed the Saskatchewan Roughriders 30-24 and clinched a CFL playoff berth on Sunday.

The Tiger-Cats (9-6) scored 13 unanswered points in the fourth quarter in front of 17,266 at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Hamilton is tied for second with the Montreal Alouettes, whom the Ticats face next week.

Despite a swirling wind that changed direction several times during the game, Paul Osbaldiston hit all five field goal attempts including two key ones in the final quarter to seal the victory over the desperate Roughriders, who were eliminated from playoff contention.[/i]

Or better yet, this?

[url=] ... efinal.htm[/url]

[i]After blowing a seemingly comfortable lead, Hamilton needed a 54-yard field goal from Paul Osbaldiston as time expired to pull out a thrilling 22-20 win yesterday over the Alouettes in the CFL East final in front of a delirious crowd of 25,731 at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

The win catapulted the Ticats to their first CFL championship game in nine years. They will take on the Calgary Stampeders in Sunday's 86th Grey Cup at Winnipeg.

"To help the team go to the Grey Cup, especially in front of the home fans, is really special," said Osbaldiston, who more than made up for missing a pair of 38-yard field goals earlier in the game. "When I struck it, I knew I hit it good. But I didn't even see it go through, there were too many bodies in front of me." [/i]

I know, I know: team sport, pass rush, etc. etc. Kickers can be crucial in key situations though. That said, I hope the team wears Nick out kicking PATs this year...

Quarterbacking and Kicking are two essentials to a winning CFL team. Keeping Setta in Hamilton when teams like Winnipeg and Toronton have problems in that area is a real victory for the Ticats. What a quality guy is Mr. Setta too. Very happy about this.

All that remains now is for Obilovich to come through FA period with a couple cogs on defense and a quality possession receiver and the Ticats can aim at second place in the division and a .500 record.

Don't forget we need a stud offensive tackle or 2 also. If we can pick up a solid Tackle(preferably left) and a guy like Gavin Walls or Jerome Haywood(heck hopefully both) and we will be in great shape going into the Canadian Draft.

I wouldn't worry too much about getting a quality receiver with Earnest Jackson, JoJo Walker, and Chris Bauman all with a year more experience. We already know how great Prechae Rodriguez is but I honestly believe if JoJo Walker gets a chance to start, he could have a break out year. Although some people disagreed with me when I talked so highly about Walker, I still believe he is the next Archie Amerson or DJ Flick type player.

So I guess what I'm saying is we have way more important needs then a receiver at this point in time. I think a couple Offensive Tackles, a solid D-lineman or 2, and a linebacker like Sean Lucas, Maurice Lloyd, or Anton McKenzie and we could be playoff bound.

I'm glad Setta has resigned but I also agree with your comments GBonds. JoJo was rarely used last season but when he was on the field, he was a very effective offensive weapon.

Dont get me wrong...Setta was the "must" sign of the Ticat free agents...don't even talk to me about Jesse.

As far as receivers I am not too sure....Jojo played his heart out last year, every time he was given the chance but didnt play alot...I don't understand the hype about Jackson, one good game does not a career make.

Prechae has tons of Raw ability, but needs coaching and experience to become a "go to" guy.

Woodcock and Miles are as good as gone.

Mitchell and Cohen are filler,

This is going to be an important year for Bauman, he has to show consistancy and the QBs have to develop confidence to throw him the ball.,

I agree als4ever, Woodcock and Miles are good as gone.

I think we have a great group of young talented receivers and with the proper coaching we could have a few great ones on our hands. If we don't give up on them and send them to another team...

JoJo Walker is still my hands down favourite receiver on our team, I just wish he would get an actual chance to start for the majority of a season. He is a very talented and tough as nails receiver with amazing hands and great speed but he can't display any of it sitting on the sidelines or occasionally playing special teams.

We need players like Chris Bauman and Scott Mitchell to step their games up this season and hopefully they can become solid players for us one day.

As for Earnest Jackson, he was honestly one of the best receivers coming out of camp and if it wasn't for a hamstring injury on the last or second last day of camp before the 2 preseason games. I believe he would have been a starter.

Don't write off Woodcock yet.
He was a very reliable player at the No-Import position.

It won't break the bank to sign him, but an experienced kick returner and receiver has value.

Ticats need one or two receivers in their prime. The current mix is too inexperienced. Look around the league and you quickly realise the difference between teams like Calgary,BC,Montreal, Saskatchewan and Hamilton. The young guys did an ok job last year and should progress but you need at least two 1000 yard receivers and the Ticats might have one at this point.

I think the offensive tackle can be fixed either through the draft or with the use of an import linesman. It is almost impossible to pull an offensive linesman from a successful starting unit. Ticats have 3 picks in the top nine and there are a couple very good tackles. The other strong position in the draft is Safety/DB. I could see the Ticats go for another safety to backup if they are going to start Barker.

I guess when your kicker is your top offensive threat it is a big deal to resign him. :stuck_out_tongue:

But he is a good kicker.

How's O'Shea doing?? Will he be starting again this year?? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL.................and who will they finally persuade to be their head coach?