Setta Quietly Proficient

I think Setta's work in the community, his dual K/P role and high level of athleticism make him extremely valuable. How many times has he been blocked on punts? He sure seems to know how to improvise.

If he keeps it up and sticks around, he's treading well to becoming a celebrated career Tiger-Cat and landing himself a place on the wall of honour.

thats what i was saying earlier; the difference is night/day between earlier outings and him currently.I have 2 imagine there was some sort of injury issue. I honestly could see Setta in the NFL one day; i'm not predicting it because that would be way 2 lofty a prediction but is possible - sure, why not..

Setta's gone from an infuriating league worse 70% to 76%.

Not sure where that ranks now.

That puts him ahead of Whyte, Prefontaine, and Congi.


He still may not be healthy. The teams kept his health quiet all season

I'm sorry but if he has been hurt all season, he shouldn't be playing. If the injury has hurt his play, he should have been sat down. If he was going through a bad stretch, then that just needed to be worked out.

And we would have played....????????