Setta Quietly Proficient

Nick inched up his stats today. Coupled with last week, he seems to be clawing his way back to form. Also, Barker had a good day on the whole. A fair number of guys did well, a team win for sure. I feel good about that play off spot and the possibility of a 9 & 9 finish. :smiley:

Great to see!!!

It was good to see Setta get that 45 yard FG. And he did well on punts, his net punting average was 41.3 yards.

It'll also be good to know we may not need to worry about putting Ito on the active roster, and maybe we'll consider drafting someone other than Rob Maver with out first draft pick. And it was good to not hear him compared to Steve Olson, this year's "Kick for a Million" guy.

Setta did do well tonight, could be healing/peaking at the right time!!!!!!!!

Yes that was a relief but it's still going to take a few games like that for me to be confident he can hit those on a regular basis. let's hope he keeps it up.

We don't have a first round pick. We gave it up for Carlson.

Read again.. he didn't say first ROUND pick.. he said FIRST DRAFT PICK!!

the difference Setta showed was night/day compared 2 some earlier performances. Was any information released? was he infact injured during those under efficient outings??had 2 be something...

He was kicking indoors lets see how well he does outside in the lousy weather, but it was a big improvement over the last few weeks :thup:

He was great in Montreal, the week before, too. 4/4 FG's, and punted equal to or better than Duval, pinning the ALs deep more than once with great corner punts. KO lengths also equalled Duval's.

I hope he has turned the corner also because we may need him to make a FG to win the game on a cold November day in Manitoba . I hope his confidence is where it should be !!!

He has a fire under his A$$ now :rockin: MOTIVATION+YARDS :rockin:

Maybe, Obie bringing in a Kicker on the Practice roster. Lit a fire under Setta. Good for him. Nice to see him hit a 45 yarder and good for the team. Hope he keeps it up!!

Another perfect game 3 for 3!

I doubt Setta's issue was motivation. He's been playing hurt all season.

Setta is The Man!

Even with his struggles this season... I'm convinved he was/is hurt. He's the best kicker in the league and I would not want anyone else! He WANTED to be with Hamilton... lets get behind him for that! Remember my saying everyone... "I'll Stick with Nick".

Couldn't agree more!! His head's up play on that high snap saved what very likely would have been a TD for SSK if he didn't have the presence of mind to recover it. Nick is a great asset on the field and in the community. Definitely a keeper.

...says someone with a different kicker's name in her username... lol

Tina gets stuck with that, but in fairness, Jaimie B was never "our problem", and he really is a different sort of kicker, witness Westwood trying to copy him today...the risk of injury is magnified, and there are no "penalties" to protect you.

Paul "Osbo" believed it was time to go, and I can't help but ponder Management's quandiry at that have to respect Osbo's "right to retire" and Jaimie B was the best available kicker of the day (and, plainly, the Cats had bigger issues then)

I have every confidence/belief that Nick has been playing through injury for much of the which case ge Seaon is hardly his fault

Lets get over and past that...we have a game to win, next week in the 'Peg, and a Team that should be fit and motivated to bring it on home to the 'Hammer for the semifinals, and, from there, we have "endless potential"

Another thing that makes Nick the best... he does both jobs.

Look at Deangelis in Calgary... just has to kick FGs... Big deal! Nick does it all.