Setta is a " real deal" kicker

Finally it looks as though the cats have a good kicker, not since the likes of a younger Osbaldiston has Hamilton had a great kicker.

THE GUY CAN KICK! his punts soar and have great hangtime. he can kick long,short and accurate. and he can punt so it saves us a roster spot!

totally agree.

Can he ever kick! He is definitely the real deal. Still can't believe this guy is even up here. The kicking game is rock solid in Hamilton. Now only if the other aspects of the game were...

I just hope we don't lose him to that other league though. Keep up the excellent work Nick, but please, keep the numbers a bit below NFL style. :wink:

And dont forget his tremendous physical strength and speed. This is the second game in a row i believe where he has saved a touchdown by making a tremendous tackle on what was otherwise a guranteed return for a touchdown...........Come to think of it, wasn't Osbaldiston blessed with blazing speed and physical prowess?.........

Finally he do have a real kicker... im really happy with Nick Setta. What is he now 9-10 on the season or something like that?

I still think Boreham was the man! he just needed more time to develop :lol: :wink: Is there a Setta girl in the house yet?

it is nice to have Nick Kicking for us.
My Only Problem with Nick is
What Happens in his option year..
Bet you tries the NFL
then where back to having no kicker

So far in 2007, this team seems to be all Setta and Lumsden. Who are the other guys on the team??

MARCEL!!! Sign Setta to a lond term contract. Lock him in because if he goes to the NFL, he's not coming back.

I'm a little puzzled we don't punt on 1st down.
More than once we have been sacked and have been taken out of single range.

the coaching staff need to give their heads a shake.