Setta Injured?

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i know Stala can kick a bit, but he isnt Nick Setta

not good, not good at all.


Oh boy.. and I was assured last week that Setta was fine... shame on you

Hurry and get healed Nick!!!!!

Yes, shame on me. I shouldn't have assumed that Setta wasn't injured simply because nothing was said on CHML about him being injured. Setta is listed as the starting K/P on the depth chart, as you can see if you click here. But that, of course, does not mean he will play.

But I am glad we brought in insurance at P/K. What if we did not bring in Stala?

Why is Setta now hurt for the second time in less than a year?? Why are people touching him at all on the field?? They aren't supposed to..

Setta got nailed when he recovered a snap that went over his head. As long as he's not actually kicking or punting, he's fair game. That being said, whoever nailed him should have been introduced (face first) to the (unpadded) walls of IWS...

Nick has been Hurt Since Camp

Groin Injury in Camp and now the bruised back from PS Game last week

He could still play but think it may be just field goals

I asked Nick at Streetfest if he was OK to kick this game, and he just said "I hope so".

8) But Settas injury was reported on CHML after the game as well as in the Spectator the next day !!!
  It was also reported and talked about on this site  !!!

I don't think the game day knock that
Nick took in the back is his concern.

I think the injury that has made Nick cautious
is the groin injury he has had for 10-14 days

He has hasn't kicked or punted for a week
to give it time to heal without stressing it.

He will see if his leg can take the impact
of punting/kicking full out on game day

and tell the coaches what he thinks
his leg can handle before game time.

What I meant was that it was not reported in the 2nd half of the game, when HTD asked about this.

But at halftime of this game, Setta is averaging 37.5 yards on his punts. Not good.

Clearly Nick should not have been in that game.

They risked further injury to the best kicker in the league.

Stala should have kicked that entire game. This was a very poor decision by Marcel and his staff. Nick didn't kick all week at practice and the thought that he was game ready was wishful thinking.

No knock on Setta, but I agree completely. The other guys had pretty decent field position all game because Setta wasn't getting the usual hang time he normally does. I see no reason at all why Setta needed to play in that game. He clearly wasn't 100% and he should not have played and risked further injury. We will definately need him down the stretch.