Setta Injured - Jeremy Ito to kick in Winnipeg

Drew Edwards is saying Setta injured his leg yesterday and won’t play tomorrow. Jeremy Ito was resigned and will do the kicking.

This is not good! I hope Ito can get it done. We also have Stala.

Honestly.. it's a bit sad that someone can get hurt when it's not even a real game. I know it happens sometimes in practice but you would think with the importance of our game this sunday that he would be extra careful about that stuff.

I hope it doesn't keep him out for the playoffs also.

Wow...that's not good! Hopefully "Ito the toe" will do well. :thup:

Terrible terrible terrible news. I hope Nick is ok and that he is good to go for the Eastern Semi-Final. Son of a...... Talk about bad luck :thdn:

'Judge' Ito will do fine. If it's turftoe, he'll be fine for next week, and really that's all that matters. We have a playoff spot, getting a home playoff date is just icing on the cake.

I hope it is not serious. the kicking game is a big part of our offence. If Setta can't go then Glenn will have to find the end zone a little more.

Crisis = opportunity.

I’ve seen Ito punt at practice and he was booming tight spirals. I was pretty impressed.

From the movie Armageddon

"Unpack the Judge"

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be without one of their most important weapons for Sunday's key game against Winnipeg.

Kicker Nick Setta was injured during Friday's practice and will not play against the Blue Bombers. He will be replaced by Jeremy Ito who was signed as a free agent on Oct. 10, released on Thursday and re-signed Friday after Setta's injury.

That`s really too bad. Especially the way Setta was turning it around. I hope he recovers for the eastern semi. Good luck to Ito.

Just means Glenn will have to put in the end zone more often.

22 hrs. before kickoff and no depth chart available to us yet. Judging from the 45-man active roster thats showing, the only other change is Bauman back and Carter out.

On the CFL.CA transactions I see Ito released and then resigned but I see no mention of Setta moving to the injury list.

I'm sorry that I have to show my ignorance....but what the hell is turf toe?

It’s a fungus that grows on shower sandals and can spread to the foot.

isn't it a bad sprain of the big toe?

Turf toe is caused by jamming the toe. I suspect there are a variety of actual toe injuries that cause pain that are referred to as turf toe, but here's one definition:

[url=] ... rf-toe.htm[/url]

Nope. It's fungus.

[url=] ... oenail.htm[/url] [url=] ... rf-toe.htm[/url]

Nope it's an injury...

I think this kid is going to do a great job for us. We’re super fortunate having him in camp for the last few weeks. I know we do have Stala for backup but this could be Ito’s big chance to impress.
Here come da Judge :cowboy: