Setta for back up QB!!!!

Hey Charlie, if you don't give our young gun Timmy Chang the start against Winterpeg start Nick Setta, this guy is a WINNER, he runs well, is our top scorer or one of them and he kicks great, I wonder how his passing arm is?? Anyway we need a QB bad Charlie, give Timmy Chang the start next game but maybe make Nick Setta the back up the guy is awsome!!

Yeah, Nick Setta is awesome!!..I believe he was a back-up qb..I think.

yea he was a backup QB in notre dame

I took a guess that he was a back up QB, if he really was, give the guy a try??

Nick Setta (The all around complete player)

Kicker/Punter/QB/Defensive Player, he kick’s, he punts, he throws, he tackles, he runs down returners, he’s a coaches dream come true.

We are all behind you Nick, Go Cats Go!!!

wouldn't wanna see too many fakes and see this guy get hurt. id like to have seen a fake fg earlier in the game that might have been a better idea, and chang is the holder too.