Setta could be a 'Peg Leg

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And in that article, one reads this, regarding Setta:

"His price tag could be high, though"

Why ?

He's curently out of work. Why then would his price tag be high ? Seems to me if you don't have a job, when someone comes offering one, you don't price yourself out of said job, unless you kind of like being unemployed. . .

Yea you would think Setta’s price would be pretty low considering he’s currently out of work.

I just read the article and im not sure if the author was just assuming he was going to want a lot of money or if that was confirmed by someone, I was a little confused on that. But I agree with you Setta should not be asking for a ton.

8) I thought that Medlock just signed with another NFL team last week !! Maybe he's been released again already !!
 As far as Setta goes, yes you would think an unemployed kicker would jump at the chance for work, especially with

 Winnipeg !!  Setta would then have a chance to pay Hamilton back for cutting him !!!   <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->
8) The way I read that, was that the author assumed Setta's price might be too high.
 Which I don't believe would be the case !!   I would bet that Medlock's price would be much higher that Nicks.

I got the same feeling, and I think Medlock can and will be looking for more than Setta.

Just reported by TSN, K Serna has been released....Sakoda was signed to the practice roster.