Setta & Beveridge Back

They were both activated today from the Injured List, while Brown (Darcy), Glavic and Ito have been moved to the Practice Roster. Also Chris Kowalczuk has been cut from the Practice Roster and Willie Quinnie, on the Injured List all season, has also been released. In a move yesterday, the Cats have registered as signed (for next year?) DL Josh Gaines, an Import who was on the PR for a couple of weeks last month.

Setta better be 100% tomorrow. I dont like the fact that we are dressing him and not Ito.

Setta will be fine.

Just looking at the Ticat depth chart, could see Bradley at safety and Barker and Beverage playing corner . best players on the field.

Only in your world buddy!!! You're always good for a laugh.....Hahaha. :lol:

um... ok
why the hell would they change this for the most important game of the year. and even if this game wasn't important its a bad idea :roll:

One of those "things" where you have "depth"....

Barker has certainly earned himself a starting spot with the team.

We have to trust MB and the coaching staff, that they want to win as badly as any of us do.

Twelve hours...

I expect Barker to be starting at safety as his greater speed will be necessary against BC's offensive strength - going long.

Whats wrong with a fan speculating, are you saying Gordon, Smith, are better than the three i suggested? u Know there was a time in the CFL that this would have been a possibility dumb a%#

It's not about which players are better. The funny part is you want Bradley at safety and Barker and Beveridge at corner!!! Now that's funny. With your logic, maybe you want to see Arland Bruce kicking field goals because he's a betterplayer than Nick Setta.

Ito was good in a pinch... but missed a 15 yarder. Setta is our kicker. Period.

Lets start Porter at corner!! Some people are just frickin' retarded, pope. Ticat fans are the most passionate but I sometimes wonder how many actually understand the game. I have heard some of the most moronic football ideologies here.

I'm convinced that some literally only understand the score.

Seems coach Marshall had a good idea to play a double safety set :thup:

Is Bruce a better player than Setta? probably not!! and he isnt better than Stala or Bauman!, If you think the Ticats were going to win with the corners they have , then that shows why this team is as bad as the Leafs, to put it in perspective there are many slot backs who line up outside , and you saying its so complicated that two starting safeties can not play corner. How about putting Kaberlay at Center. tell me what you think of that . :stuck_out_tongue:

If you think Barker would make a better corner than the ones we currently have, it suggests that you lack a fundamental understanding of what a cornerback actually does. There's a good reason why you almost never see corners the size of Brandon Browner.

Sorry i didnt realize corner was that complicated. what do corners do , cover recievers?