Setta, a Legend in the Making

Attending yesterday's game was mostly painful, except that for every ti-cat 3 and out we were able to see the booming punts of our new great kicker.
The first one for the single point could have been the longest punt I've seen at Ivor Wynne.
I doubt this youngster will be in the CFL for long so lets enjoy him while we can.
As you all know kickers can become folk heros around here.

Bernie Ruoff revisited, no? Sensational!

Oski Wee Wee,

I would like to take this time to say "I told you so" to all those who were thinking we should bring in another punter because Setta's punts weren't so great the last few weeks (according to them).

Setta is a great player.

That is all.

Ya he is the only bright spot on the team..

Now, now BG. You were right. Setta is punting very well now. I only pointed out that we had ROOM on our roster for a punter such as Dales since we had two backup QBs that Charlie wouldn't use. Now that we've seen both Chang and Williams that spot is used.
Now that the kicking and punting game is fine we need to make room for Printers.

I think the bye week helped his leg if he did indeed give it some rest as well.

Oski Wee Wee,

LOL I wasn't actually referring to you. I was talking about Bunni :wink:

you win.

Face it people he's NFL bound. no way of stopping him in the near future.

I think the fact that he is a good punter and PK guy is required for CFL.

You must be an outstanding punter or PK guy for the NFL.
Is he that???

I'll be surprised if he doesn't at least get a look.

Setta is 7th (out of 8 regulars) in CFL punting averages - he was in dead last in CFL punting place but booming a few last game helped get him out of the basement; he's been pretty accurate as a FG kicker but hasn't exactly boomed any long FGs or been asked to make many clutch kicks with the game on the line. I think I'd hold off on annointing him a great CFL kicker for a few more years maybe. Gotta try to find some positives though eh?

Yes but he is also the most accurate field goal kicker in the league and his hang time he gets on those punts would be ideal for the NFL Sadly we will be looking for a new kicker in a season or to because setta will be state side

If Setta is a lock for the NFL then so should be Prefontaine, Duval, Dales, DeAngelis or Congi; Setta might get another NFL look but the so-called experts there don't really care about how kickers do up here - they barely scout the CFL - Jon Ryan is a fairly rare exception - but the guy has about the strongest punting leg in the game (over 50 yard CFL season average to set the record - an amazing accomplishment that IMO didn't draw near enough recognition or respect). I hope the NFL clowns don't recognize Setta's play up here even if he continues to improve - their ignorance and bias against top CFL players will hopefully mean we continue to see these guys up here.

Yeah, he is pretty good...

Hamilton will probably get rid of him one way or another...

maybe setta could run a few set plays outta the spread offense?

Nick will settle to a CFL career, probably here in Hamilton.

If the NFL was all that excited about Cdn kickers, Ruoff, Osbo, Ridgeway (let alone Passaglia!) would have been signed to huge contracts that the CFL could never have matched, and they would have cheerfully signed (like we'd have begrudged them the money or opportunity?)

Get over it!

Nick Setta is a great signing for the Cats and offers up a lot of opportunity and options, but will hopefully stay "home" here in Hamilton, and be loved by the fans, as he deserves! A Great "franchise" player!

Setta is American.