Setta 2 for 2!!

Man, this dude has stepped up his game in the past few weeks.

Two for two on third down fakes - how sweet is that? Did you see the tight spiral and accuracy of his throw against the Lions?

He's also crunching the ball on punts lately too...

We MUST sign this guy long term but the longer he goes without a new contract, the more I fear he will bolt out of the Hammer. C'mon Obie, make this guy stick!! :thup:

best punter in the league this off to a bad start at FG kicking but i think now that he is used to having Porter holding he is barelly missing.

and man can the guy ever throw.....that throw on Saturday night was beautiful

He not nearly as good as mc callum, but setta will do for now. Mccallums qb rating is 158 while setta trails him with only 154. Lets hope he can complete one more for long yardage and overtake mccallum in the qb ratings race!

I think Obie would like a Canadian kicker and Nick would like to play in the NFL. I suspect this is their mutual agreement.

Nick has said that he loves it here in Hamilton.
He is having a great year, but neither of his skills are NFL quality.
He is a good punter, and a good PK.
He would be better to be outstanding with either to have a shot at the NFL.
If he bolts, I am pretty sure that he will not make it...again.
I am also pretty sure that he would have been replaced.
I say he stays, and finishes his career in Hamilton, and that Obie will be glad that he did!

It would be great to see Setta re signed. He seems to be so professional in everything he does including the way he keeps himself in shape.

I would LOVE to have Setta back! He is my favorite player on the team. The only one that shows up EVERYDAY!