Seth Small - placekicker

We certainly seemed to have found a Gem of a place kicker. This young man, only 22, has been nearly perfect. After last night against Calgary he is 31 of 34 in FG kicking and perfect in kicks over 50 yards. Sadly, this performance will likely garner attention south of the border.


Isn't Small as a rookie locked in to 2 seasons with the Cats?

And who remembers when Cats decided to release Small and keep Import punter Simon Laryea?
What a horrible decision that was.


It's been a long time since our team has had a field goal kicker we can trust to nail a possible game-winner in the icy and dicey conditions we get at playoff time. Remember that guy who beat Montreal with one of those at Ivor Wynne. David Beckman knew him, knew him well, nearly a decade earlier when in his whiskey-soaked voice, he slurred, "But you're The Oz!"

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Lucky for us that no one plucked him off of the waiver wire before we could re-sign him .


Is the old saying, 'You have to stupid to be lucky'?
I don't know... I'm not an old saying guy.

I thought it was you have to be Whitehead to be Lucky.

But sometimes it is better to be Lucky than good.


@Iceman1 Thanks, Iceman. You can be my wingman anytime.
Frank 'Maverick' Mitchell


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Small is a beast; what's worse than losing a player to NFL is losing to him another CFL team and then he comes back to haunt Medlock


We too scavenged Medlock from a CFL team.

Any kicker who can kick field goals from 50+ yards consistently like Seth Small will eventually be signed by an NFL club.

Seth Small is a better kicker than Brett Maher and Tyler Bertolet, and THEY both play in the NFL right now.


If Small goes to the NFL, maybe we can get one of the kickers mentioned above back.

As long as it's not Bertolet I'm fine with it . Still can't believe that I saw him actually kicking in the NFL last week . It literally speaks volumes about the state of kickers in the NFL if a hack like Bertolet can find employment and draw a pay cheque there .

Lirim would be a big upgrade to Bertolet, right place and right time for him for sure.


Let's talk about Seth, baby:

Hamilton’s first-year placekicker has been rock solid pretty well all year. Early on, we maybe didn’t talk so much about him and that might have had to do with a lot of his field goals coming from in tight as the struggling Ticats left points on the board with failed red zone sorties. Or maybe because the ‘Cats weren’t even getting into field goal range at all, as is borne out in Small’s number of attempts (34) when compared to the likes of Calgary’s Rene Paredes (53 attempts), Ottawa’s Lewis Ward (52) or Montreal’s David Côté (47).

I would propose an alternative theory as to why no one mentioned Seth Small for the first four games of the season. Like, at all. Many of you can probably guess.

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You need a hell of a leg to convert from where he was...

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I would have thought with the number of kids playing soccer in the US that there would be a wealth of kickers at the NFL level. Somehow the skill set doesn't transfer.

Is Small under contract next year?

I'd say the skill set totally transfers. Kickers today are light years better than the old-school toe bashers. Expectations have increased dramatically, to the point where some of the best kickers of 30 years ago (even the soccer-style ones) might struggle to make a roster today.

Someone correct me if i am wrong but I thought all rookie deals are 2 years.
This is year 1 for Small.


Maybe if we pay him enough, he will stay.

Anyone think about that?

The new CBA put the kibosh on that. Anybody can try out for the NFL after the season no matter the contract status. And you wonder why fans get frustrated by player turnover...

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