Service Charges

So Friday night, I was talking about the game to several neighbours. We decided to attend Saturday’s game. I collected $25 from each of them because, according to the website tickets in Sec. 22 are $25. I go to Ivor Wynne Saturday morning. And the very nice lady explained that they are $29 due to service charges.

I’ve been up and down the website trying to find what the service charges. It would be nice to know in advance.
Why hide them? If the ticket is truly $29 them put that on the website so everyone knows.

Can someone explain or help me with this.



You would get much better answers by just calling the ticket office..

I have the same beef with the Grey Cup tickets. On the website:
it says the Bronze tickets are $175. However, after taxes and service charges they come to $195. You never find out the FINAL price until the very end. I wish they would be transparent enough to just advertise the FINAL price up front. None of this cloak and dagger marketing.

Pretty sure its just like buying a concert ticket and they randomly slap on a processing & handling fee on top of the ticket prices. At least thats how it works in the states whenever you buy a ticket for sporting events, concerts, etc.

Why is there any service charge when you walk over to the stadium to buy the tickets? The salesperson selling you the tix is already paid by the stadium or the team. What service is being rendered that costs $4 per ticket?

It's a rhetorical question of course. It's just another cash grab. Small enough that most people won't really balk at buying the ticket but it does leave a bit of a bad taste in your mouth.

An Argo-Cat fan

I see that Ticats tickets are sold by Ticketmaster so it's likely the ticket office at IW is a Ticketmaster location and you got dinged with their service charges.

Allways got to the Javis Office
it just the best way to go

Are you sure? You might have to go to downtown Hamilton then. I hear it's not safe there. Best you just pay the fees to ticketmaster and not put your life at risk.


PiCat, you are forgetting about the Tiger in Gore Park, the one that scared people enought they could not leave their apartments to go downtown. Rumours have it that it slept on Jarvis St.


man,you’re risked life and limb to head down to the deep dark bowels of downtown hamilton.glad to hear you made it back home safe!

Just be thankful that McGuinty hasn't decided that football tickets should have an "Eco Fee" so we can dispose them safely...!!! or maybe a luxury tax?


Bravo how long did it you take to think of that one ...
When I go into the city
I do what need to and Leave quickly.
Alot of the Time I'll just Call the Javis Office.
Have not hear of a Phone and Credit card?

I only go in when I need too .

What? No eco-fee on the tickets? An obvious oversight.

Jarvis St. is like Girl Guide Camp compared to the East Mountain. :lol:

Concession St. is the new Barton St. Save yourself and move to Binbrook. :lol: