Service at BC Place

For the fourth straight time the food and beverage service at the dome is riduculous. Time and time again by the beginning of the 3rd quarter the dominant conversation in my section, the lines, the washroom and the smoke pit is the ridiculous amount of the time it takes to get a beverage or hot food. I purposely keep my seats near exits to shorten the time away from the game.

If the poor service that occured at the western final occurs during Grey Cup I will be thoroughly dissappointed.

An insider of the front office has informed me that Mr. Ackles is continually given feedback. Its seems his feedback to Stadium administration falls on deaf ears.

What I have noticed is the difference in the delivery of the service. Than at least all of the western venues.

  1. BC Place counter staff have to ask for ID. handle money, open ciders, etc. pour draught and at some counters serve hot food.

  2. There's seems to be some kind of responsibility system among the counter staff but apparently it lacks any efficient organization and sense of urgency.

  3. At at least at Commenwealth, McMahon, Taylor getting service is a matter of minutes and this occured even at respective Grey Cups. These stadiums also only have one concourse. Food and Beverage are separate. Tickets are sold for liquour beverages which for the most part occurs at the beginning of the game(at least me). Identification and money handling is done here. Cans or plastic bottles just need to be uncorked. No pouring.

  4. The crowed lin the dome now become a problem of conjestion. No problem like this at SAFECO Field and they average a lot more.

  5. Even the New Westminster Salmonbellies sell tickets so I'm not sure if this is a City of Vancouver thing.

Please Mr. Ackles.....I hope the stadium is ready for Grey Cup

Service is brutal at BC Place and that is probably why I only go to watch the games. The food sucks there so I usually eat before or after the game. Beers are ridiculously priced so the drinking comes after the game as well.

I agree. I am there to watch the game. I can't believe the amount of time spent by fans in line-ups and how frequently some go in and out. BC Place service and prices stink, so wait until afterwards and enjoy the game.

Well said CFLrocks2005.

Right on!

There are so many good resteraunts in Vancouver. When My son (Or Grandkids) and I go to the game, we take in a pre-game meal at one of those places. Other than bathroom breaks or an extra pop, the concessions at BC Place are terrible. We use them very rarely.

Sounds great with the kids and grandkids. If I ever have kids to take(36 here) ill follow your plan. Enjoy the rest of the season.

I wait until the end of the 1st quarter if I want to get a beer or anything else. At that point, the crowd has finally filtered into the game, and the concessions are pretty dead. Bathroom breaks just before the end of the half, or at the 3rd quarter break.

If you time things well, you don't miss too much, and the concessions have TV's over the counter anyway, so you really don't miss more than 1 or maybe 2 plays.

It's not a new problem.

I haven't bought any food or drink at BC Place in a couple of years.

I suggest you start your game day at the tailgate party at the EasyPark lot (between Georgia and Dunsmuir). What ever food you bring will be way better than anything at the stadium, and you can hang out with some Lions fans!

Back in the 80's I found the food cold and the beer warm....Since I don't buy at BC Place anymore, has anything changed? ...LOL

BC Place service sucks, the concession stuff is over priced, and its not BC Place you go next door to the Canuck games I can barely afford to go to the games, and than they jack up the prices for food and beer. Man everything is sooooo expensive I remember the good old days of enjoying the games you went to watch now everywhere you go its MONEY MONEY MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$.

I can't believe anyone wastes their time and money on consessions at BC place. I always eat before I go in too. Food there sucks and is way over priced as well as slow. Just watch the game. Lot's of good places to eat in Van after the game.

Check out Shark Club, Dog Pound and dozens of other great places to eat. Even some good ones on Broadway which is a good healthy walk to BC Place. So much better than the crap they serve there.

The first (and last) time I bought beer at BC Place was very frustrating for me. I waited in line to get to the beer counter only to find out it was cash only, then I had to wait in line at the ATM, and then wait in line again to buy the beers for myself and my dad.

Makes me wonder why I just didn't give up and go back to my seat :wink:

Thats why I don’t buy at BC Place. Have dinner down town, tuck a bag of peanuts in the pocket. Couple cans of pop in the wifes handbag and voila…don’t have to deal with the lousy BC Place service.


Last time I tried to bting in a pop they toom it away.. theyn said it was somthing to do with the compresse4d air in the dome and an unopened can of pop... Sucks too cause i just bought it at work.... I usually get my fiance to go to teh beer lines as he is only there for the cheerleaders anways.... He had never seen a game until I took him to one 3 years ago and he's been hooked since..

i've been going to games in BC Stadium since it i've come up with a few solutions that have worked for me.

*buy a bag of nuts at your nearest store. take those if you need something on munch on. i place them in my jacket pocket and never have been asked to get rid of them before i enter.
*line up for beer after a quarter begins. if you are patient it won't take long. forget those Molson line ups! the new brew at the liquor stalls is great! who can beat Granville Island beer that isn't watered down? if you have to line up for beer, there is a tv above you! helps you keep track of what is going on in the game.
*put aside $15/week and you have spending money for game day. (program & a beer)
*get there early to get a program. i mostly miss out on those .
*if you smoke, sit near the smoking areas, and don't go out the first exit you see..often people crowd them and forget to see the middle exit has less traffic. then move to the wall overlooking the streets. much better air out there.
*keep a positive attitude! no one likes those who complain throughout the game about the place. be supportive, find a way to work with the issues, and make BC Place a fun place to visit. complaints, i'm sure, can be dropped off at the stadium. remember, the Lion's rent the space for the game.. they don't own the stadium.

that's about it.. hahaha! just a few things that i've found i can work with and make it that much more of an enjoyable game with family & friends! i know they won't work for everyone.. thought i'd share.

I've never had a serious problem with the service, but I never get beer.

Usually just get a plate of fries and a cola to snack on, and have a meal before or after.

I think most of us are just spoiled by GM Place food, which is one of the best arenas to eat at in the NHL.