Server upgrade??

Ya I am complaining, but I don't think its that good that twice in a week the server basically goes down. I have no doubt that people are working on it, and doing the best they can do with what they have. I just think the CFL should be spending maybe a bit more money and making this site able to take some hits. This site is almost as slow as when it first came up last year. Sometimes its slower.

I think this time its because there were 2000 unregestered users and over 30 registered users at the same time

remember Grey cup day?

Oh I now why, I just don't think that should happen. With better hardware, it wouldn't.

I donno! I can live with this 2 twice a year

I wasn't on here grey Cup day. I was at Grey Cup :smiley:

Well you didnt mis anythng here except that it was slow due to all the posters

Man this site blows..I'm sorry but it does !

What is the architecture behind it, a 386 - 20 mhz ???

It was impossible to follow the Dispersal draft here ! It was crashing every 10 seconds....not like the TSN site !

CFL was making IT news about a month ago, about the new architecture that will allow play by better step-up to the plate within 60 days !

Did I said this site blows ?

We really wanted to thank everyone for your comments, and this thread.
The goods news is CFL.CA had so many fans that, yes, the site just couldn't keep up.
The bad news is, this did not allow many of our fans access for a while today.

We apologize to all the great CFL fans for this site slowdown.
And when version 2.0 is released later in May, this is issue is on the list of fixes, along with the great new look.

The true fans of this site are like the true fans of the CFL. We stick with it through thick and thin

…frustrating…yes…forgivable because of the overload…hhhmmm okay…like the Bombers …this site needs to up-grade…and I know both will soon…right… :lol: …its a good sign that there is so much interest. accessing this site… onward and upward… :arrow:

Thats All I wanted to hear CM

It was frustrating yesterday for sure. Glad to see that they are looking into this.

People should be complaining ... Its relatively easy to create a site with enough redundancy that it could handle a paltry few thousands hits ... Especially considering the vast majority of this site should be static content. Is the front page querying a database for each pageview?? A page like this needs to be serving static conent - especially on the front page. And if it is static - they sorely need to upgrade the 386. needs to recognize that even tho the average load day to day is far less, it needs to be able to handle these loads in times likes these (Grey Cup & Dispersal Drafts) ...

Its embarassing to me as a fan - and it should be embarassing to ...


I don't know much about computers Statik but, if the money is right, hire me when they hire you, I'll carry around the cables and hardware for you!
Like I say, the money has to be right though.


Can the new upgrade come with spell check???
Between Kanga, wickywhatshisname and james its so hard to follow.

I just noticed how I spelled Renegades on the thread that I just started, so you can add me on that list. :oops:

I can understand yours...LOL Some of the others though....

I keep teasing jm02, I tell her her students just aren't paying enough attention! Sporty, you know you're older than I am, so there's no way I could have taught you.....but apparently it's not just my students who don't pay attention! :wink:

Oooohhh ouch! :wink:

I agree with StatiK.

If this site is to be a portal for all things CFL, it is inexcusable that the site crashed during an event like the dispersal draft. How are they going to manage gamecasting or any other type of live coverage if their bandwidth gets blown by a mere two thousand hits?