Server Load Testing - April 14th...

To aid in estimating how many concurrent users we'll be able to support with a new database server - we'll be doing some database load testing tomorrow morning (around 8am)... The site may (nay will) become sluggish and possibly (probably) unavailable during this period.

If you just noticed a quick outage - that was simply a quick test of the scripts that I will be using to punish the naughty database server in the morning.

We are hoping that with the new database server (to be installed early next week - just in time for the draft) that we'll see a 4X improvement in the number of concurrent users we can support (meaning that we won't see a repeate of the dispersal draft load problem) - going from around 1000 to 4000 concurrent users.

Sounds good Ron

Thanks for the heads up

I'm doing some of the lighter tests at the moment... so we're still active.