Server and forum outage

Hey all,

We were switching over to some new servers (faster stronger better) and had some networking issues that 'caused database issues... which made everything go down the toilet (if you didn't notice).

We've reverted to the old servers until we can straighten things out... You'll know when we're trying again as I'll turn off the forums again. :smiley:

If you have any questions - email me directly: - as I won't have time to read PMs or replies to this topic right now.


Ron - Grumpy sysadmin.

Wondering what was happening. Anyways, thanks for upgrading and making the site better. :thup:

And here I was hoping it was to uncensor some words (s'uck), add avatars for 4 more teams, make some upgrades in usability in general ... hint-hint-nudge-nudge-say-no-more-say-no-MORE! :wink:

cant you give us any x hr warning next time???

Yeah, man! I was in the middle of a rant!

warnings: if the forums are shut down - brace for impact. :smiley:

avatars: not my department... unless you'd like me to colour one with some crayolas.

censor: heh... no.

More to come later today...

More to come...
Does that meant that for a while they'll be less to come?


Okay - we're in our new "home"... a few bumps and bruises from the move... but htings should be stable now!

Seems nice and fast Ron


For those who like the technical details - the new web server is a 16 core AMD Opteron box (8 dual-core CPUs)... the temporary db server is a Quad Xeon, but it will be replaced with another 16 core AMD opteron system...

The boxes are configured to have their services fail over to the other box if there is a problem... so if one box dies - the site keeps going.

The servers (as is) should be able to hand more than double the load of the old servers. When the new 16 core box goes in, I would up that estimate to eight times the load...

In other words......The hamster got a new wheel! :lol:

The hamster got a sports car...

huh...yeah, that's what I thought. :expressionless:

"You're mocking me, aren't you?" - Buzz Lightyear

"You are a sad, strange little man, and you have my pity." - also Buzz Lightyear :wink:

(...insulting the Grumpy Sysadmin.....that's a bannin'.....)