why? :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x sorry thats all i can say about are kicking game.
i see a need for changes

....Serna....or holder....????????that ain;t good enough Berry....PEG....we have a problem????? :roll:

Did he miss a PAT tonight? You guys scored a rouge and then a TD, which gave you 8. Then after you guys scored your second TD, you only had 14; you should've had 15.

The missed convert was not Serna's fault.

...swirling wind....didn't notice that any kicker had an impressive outing....still....Serna has to get better....he should get a heads-up with Cameron (former Bomber punter) who knew how to punt in the Pegs worst conditions...( does Troy Westwood have a little doll in the end-zone seats ...where he puts little pins in, just as Serna attempts his field-goals....ya gotta wonder) :roll: :roll:

Serna has been beyond brutal this season. Somewhere, Troy Westwood is chuckling.

Where is Sean Flemming did he retire or is he still with edmonton.. because honestly yes he's old and what not but we only need him for 2-3 yrs until we can find another good kicker and by than Camerons Kid or Kennerd's Kid should be coming available.

The Bombers need a punter that can kick 40 yards consistently not 30 and than get bounces but in flight 40 yarders and we need a place kicker that can kick 65+%. and flemming can do that for the time being.

also we need a canadian kicker considering are Ratio is a little screwed and a canadian kicker would make this easier than Stegall/Bryant wouldn't have to come off so much.

Serna's an import, so why not bring in a pile of NFL cuts ?

C'mon Taman, get'er done already.

I say he call up Munroe and try bring him back. the guy looked great in training camp. and i still believe that serna and o'mahoney should never have been in the look. its funny serna looks good in every other stadium but canad inns. goes back to my theory of it is the hardest stadium to kick in. cuz never do the goal line flags go the same direction.

we'll give you Nick Setta for an injured player! resulting in Setta for a second round draft pick

LOL...hey! Don't Tease!

maybe to punish edmonton for the late hit they should have to trade kickers with Winnipeg. Even up.

i am sick and tired of hearing westwood/serna comparisons. listen, if it weren't for westwood being the bombers all time leading scorer, I might be half-willing to admit that serna has big shoes to fill. However, i am happy that anyone but westwood is here this year.

yes - serna blows at everything but kickoffs.

therefore, taman is to blame.

I only mentioned Westwood because Serna has been so incredibly bad this year that it's impossible that Westwood could have been worse. For real. Serna couldn't hit water falling out of a boat and it's a damn good thing that his incompetence didn't cost you last week's game against the Eskimos. You simply can't afford to leave points on the board week in and week out.

i dont think Serna is horrible, he is just horribly inconsistnant, also with the pressure im suprised he can even get the distance.

his kicks were all just a little to right so that can be fixed, but one more game like that and he is out!

SERNA should be sent packing> he is an american and is costing us BIG TIME with the ratio. Has Berry been taking an anger management course? If this was Westwood he would have been frothing at the mouth and screaming in Westwoods face. Give Kean a shot he can not do any worse and his punting is supposed to be better than Serna and he is a CANADIAN Berry!

And to think that you guys ran Troy Westwood out of town..... :lol: :lol:

actually we didn’t run westwood out Berry did. I will admit that Fans had wanted him out but never before there was a proven replacement which there never was. We always said he was losing it but we also said he was the best we had.

...I,M SORRY THIS GUY HAS GOT TO GO......big choker....he keeps crossing himself everytime he kicks....i think he needs more than the guy upstairs to get this guy in his game....heading into the latter part of the year....and NO-KICKER,,,we'll go quick :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: cripes the guy for Wendys kick for million could have made that last attemp against the esks....b.s.