Serna the best kicker??

What a difference a year can make. Last year he rightly took alot of heat from everyone on here. Every time he teed up you could see how nervous he was. It got to be so bad that we hardly went for a FG if it was more than a 40 yarder.
Fast forward 1 year and he at the present has the best FG % in the league. He's kicking with confidence, and 40 yarders are almost a given now.
Now an arguement could be made that so and so is a better place kicker, but IMO Serna for sure deserves some consideration. It's too bad the league doesn't have a comeback player award.
Anyways, great job Alexis, and keep it up! :rockin:

Shocking ! Most improved player by miles.

definately would be the front runner for a most improved player award... coaching has let him do his own thing this year, and with all the other junk goijng on with this team the spotlight has never really been on him so he's had very little p[ressure.. i believe he also has the two longest fg's made this season? good job alexis keep it up...

Absolutely the best turn around for a player from '08-'09. Wasn't he the worst kicker in '08 or was it someone else?

Yeah, props to Serna!!

....the little guy has confidence and his kicking game has improved 100 percent...It also helps when there isn't a mad-man (berry) screaming in his ear on the sidelines... :wink: :thup:

Must resist.... cannot...

It's cause Kelly is busy screaming at everyone else :wink:

In all honesty though I thought kicking would be one of the Pegs weak spots and it's been a pleasant surprise.

I think that overall, you have to have Congi and DeAngelis higher due to track record, but as far as just this season goes, you could definitely make an argument that Serna's been the best kicker in the league.

He gets my vote. But Punting, I still give to Duval :expressionless:

Came through again tonight, he's got it together now that's for sure.

Great to see him doing so well this year. He has been a HUGE part of the Bombers success.

Anyone else think it's funny how this topic was started, and then a couple hours later Serna missed his first FG? :lol:

Of all the kickers, Serna has been clutch. I suspect he's not getting read the riot act like last year.

I remember last year cringing when he came on the field early-mid season. He was actually pretty damn good to cap off 2008.

Are there awards for most improved?

Stupid wind!

But Serna's still perfect from inside the 40.

I'm surprised none of the FGs kicked bounced off a seagull. :stuck_out_tongue:

If that were to happen you know the animal rights people would have been protesting faster than you can say “Dave Winfield”.

you do realize that the kick was right down the middle and the only reason it wasn’t good was cause the wind grabbed it and slammed it straight down??

I wasn't criticizing him over the kick... I just thought it was funny.