Serna not listed on All-star Ballot

I think its pretty bad that they don't list Serna in the kicker list for the all-star voting. They list everybody in everyother spot. There are released players listed (ex. Mike Washington Ssk). Now obvioulsy no one should be voting for him cause he has not done well, but he should still be listed.

maybe there is height limit, my leg is taller than that midget, and why does wear a glove, does he think he is michael jackson?

Maybe they wanted to save him the embarassement of not getting any votes?

I just looked at the one linked off the website, and Serna shows up.

They must have changed it.

It was probably a mistake. Although that guy is brutal. He reminds me of Duncan O'mahoney a few years back. Duncan was a good punter, but not reliable when called upon to kick. That puts extra pressure on the offense to get touchdowns because they might not get anything on drives. Surely that hasn't been helping Winnipeg.

so whats up with the glove? why does a kicker wear a glove, is he related to grammatica?