SERNA called missed FG --WAS GOOD! watch replay

oooooh ooooooh. REFS missed the call. SERNA FG that was called wide right in the 4th qtr 12 min to go actually went in. Take a look. It clearly went in.

so what

I'll wait for ro's replay...

what do you mean so what. It could have meant the game. I have no clue if it did actually go in nut regardless it meant a lot to the whole game. your comment is unneccesary

when OP disrespect lancaster by calling him a cheater, I say so what to anything he says, specially something as trivial as this that cant be changed anyhow.

I kind of agree. Let's consider the source. Like I said before, I'll wait for ro to post the video, if he's feels like it.

Actually, I kind of agree. But first of all lets consider the sourse.

How could it have meant the game?
If the field goal was good, and I dont believe it was, the bombers would have won by 9 instead of 7.

I have no idea wether it was good or not, but if it was it for sure has an effect. A missed FG (another!) is very deflating to the team, especially one as weak emotionally as Winnipeg. By not getting the FG, momentum switched to Edmonton, and they could have easily taken the game. Luckily this time the team stood up and took it right back.

Anyways, Trevor Kennerd's kid just is a few years away!

Guess what guys.. the two referees that stand at the goal posts? they can see the ball going over and it isn't hard to see if it's good or not. (i know, I was one) they have the best view of the entire stadium, because they're right under the posts.

if they signal wide. IT'S WIDE!!!

nobody can argue it because they can clearly see the ball moving and they can see if it's between or not! sheesh..

And the refs have never ever gotten one wrong! Sheesh!!
And I never knew you were once a football....

Wow everyone put your hand on your forehead and sit down. I agree with clfisbest, Ro can you check I think this has to be a first.

Lets put this to rest right now!
Here is the clip the kick is whide

Here you can see that the ball is infront of the post....not behind that means it went wide.


yep, clearly went wide

I never had any doubt that one went wide. I wasn't so sure about the first one he "missed" though.

nice vid :thup: