Serna back on board

…One off of the fa list has re-upped…I think this little guy is only going to get better…good signing… :thup:

…Jovon next… :wink:

Wasn't impressed with his performance against my Ticats in the game that knocked the Bombers out of the playoffs. In the first half, when the game was still close, he missed a crucial, easy short field goal...remember?

Nevertheless, he is normally pretty reliable. And he is young, and will learn how to handle pressure better. Good signing

A 39 yard FG is not an easy short one. An easy short one is like the 16 yarder that Setta missed earlier in the season against I can't remember who.

I borrowed these stats from a post at Extra Point:

Serna had some amazing numbers last year including the longest average (33.3 yds), the longest FG (54 yards), a 72.7% average OVER 40 yards including two of 50+ (he was 66.6 percent at 50+), he only had 14 attempts inside 30 yards and he made every one of them (the only kicker to do this).
Plus he set a team record for the highest FG percentage. I'm glad he's back.

I am surprised Serna did not go workout for NFL teams at the very least after the season he had. Perhaps Medlock, another good young kicker will surprise & remain with the Argos.

This is great news. Guess the wheels are still turning in Bomberland. Gee Trevor, sorry about that.

good move!!! Bishop should be soon also! BTW Bish is up next on questions and answers with Bombers, they said that on Dec 18 but has not been a new question and answer since Dec 18, I guess they on Christmas break.

Good move signing Serna! Sernas missed FGs would not have mattered had the BC Lions not stole a win early in the season against Montreal. Who know`s? Bombers might have won the whole thing