SERNA and Special teams

........this guy has to come under review.....he let this team down.....AND for cripes -sake LaPo ...wake-up and smell the bloody coffee and get a return guy....ALSO... you have no downfield tackling on special teams.....HIS NAME IS DOGGETT ... you might give him a call. :oops:barker just left canadinns laughing his head off.....ROOK..... :lol:

Ya, Serna's been shaky but we can't keep giving up big returns like that and expect to win close games.

I was more disappointed in the run defence tonight.

Maybe if Serna can practice more than twice in a row with the same snapper and holder ...

Serna seems to be getting worse as the games go on. That's not a good sign.

You don't need to worry about returns, if Serna splits the uprights! This is two bad games for Serna. I say give Renaud a shot. If he misses, the ball will probably go thru the end for a single.

I agree that that missed FG cost the game, but almost equally was the poor decission to give up the safety with 2 minutes to go, down by 4. This essentially ment that giving up any more points was the game (and it was). Kick it off, try to defend, and if you have to - give up the FG. At least this way you can still tie the game with a TD.

PLP needs to call Kelly and find out what he did with Serna to get his confidence up. The kid excelled with him. But it is obvious he is struggling again this year so far........

not sure id put it all on serna, lets be honest here.. that looked like it was good but since it wasnt, guys need to tackle and about 5 guys had a chance to and didnt get the job done. ur gonna miss field goals every now and then, its gonna happen.. but to give up 2 missed fg returns in 2 weeks = more than just the kicker.

id rather they give doggett a call and come back because atleast he can tackle. DOGGETT WOULD HELP our special teams considerably.

and giving reid more than 7 carries a game might be a good idea also.

7 carries for 29 yards for reid. 7 carries isnt enough.

There was no strong wind, no inclement weather and it wasn't out of reach. Splitting the pipes is pretty well all Serna has to do. Maybe the return cover guys were in shock he missed again, like I was.

Couldn’t really tell from my seats…was the kick even close?!?

Really need to fix this…before it costs us any more games…

Full marks to the Argos…they played a really smart game today…

Serna was 75 percent and missed from 46 yards.

Argos controlled the line of scrimmage and Bombers were outcoached on special teams.

that was a 45 yard field goal attempt. it wasnt a gimme and it barely missed. i know its the easy thing to do is dump on the kicker but for gods sake.. he is gonna miss every now and then.. everytime he misses are we to blame him when the other team scores a td, 2 times in 2 weeks, thats hardly on the kicker. should he have made it, sure.. but i could say brock ralph should have had that jump ball or gallant shouldnt have been called for his late hit or that single at the end of the half shouldnt have been a single..

fact is.. we lost. special teams = cant tackle for crap. on punt or kick returns.

dorian smith and logan both hurt. we had guys who were cut a few weeks back out there playing tonight.

the d had some let downs and the o started slow.

easy to blame 1 guy.. but.. its more than just the kicker.

Hope no one thinks I'm blaming Serna...because I'm not...

...the cover team on the other hand...needs some work

absolutely, on both punt and kick off returns.

You got a rookie ST coach in Toronto who managed to coach a rookie non import to kickback a squib kick for a point, that is damn impressive. Give credit to Toronto they won on the road with a bunch of rookies. Toronto ST are extremely well coached. O'Shea is going to have an amazing coaching career.

No argument from me. As I said...Argos played a really smart football game tonight. They're gonna be a tough team to play all year...

So will the Bombers, I really enjoyed watching the growth in both football teams this season :thup:

good call Hfxtc, that was a great play by Toronto. And I agree with you, Toronto's oline owned our front 4 tonight. We get pressure like last week and special team errors don't even come into play.

Yup...I think some respectability comes back to the East this year...

Serna missed 3 in the first game, that's 4 in 2 games. 2 returned for TDs. Yes the coverage was lousy, yes, he's going to miss some, I guess I expect a better success rate. The coach must have expected him to make it or he would have punted instead.

That’s the thing, twice lapo has put his confidence in Serna and twice he has been rewarded with 14 points against instead of 6 for.

That’s a 20 point swing in 2 games because you trusted your kicker.

I don’t think that trust will last much longer.

I make no bones about it, I don’t like Serna, never have, he is too unreliable imo.