14 yards of offense in the first quarter, one first down. Seriously? Soon the Impact will be scoring more points than the Als.

You're still surprised? It's what we've been doing all season long. Enjoy the downward spiral. :lol:

Yes, this team keeps surprising me. Whyte hitting the upright from 20 yards out, for example.

This has turned from bad to absurd. O'Shea does not even care to punt the ball. They've had a short field for a half and can't even move the ball 40 yards... If anyone heard Higgins absurd rant on CJOB before the game you know they need to fire him. The only reason to keep him is because his replacement isn't available till next season.

The self destruction continues. SJ Green is killing this team.

What did Higgins say?

Rambled for nine minutes about how they were going to use a 3 QB system and they were looking for someone to be the guy for the next decade and the next game... According to Bob this all happened in the dressing room right next to Alex Brinx. Also touched on the fact the Als had not prepared for the post Calvillo. He sounded like someone with a mental disability... The art of insulting a bunch of people with kindness and gentleness. Weird...

I like O'Shea's style... Montreal hasn't been able to finish more than one drive in 83 possession. Why punt LOL !

Oh no…not again. We start the half with a 2 and out, followed by a blocked punt.

Als just plain s*ck, except for the D.

Well, hmm, who’s the ST coach? :wink:

Also, we suck at second-half adjustments. Awful on both sides of the ball.

Higgins is brain dead.

Why do I see a 17-16 win for BB??

Like I said

Thank the CFL for the BB win. Bullsh*t PI call. Oh the west is soooo much better.

100% brain dead. What the ** does he have to lose by challenging the play? Oh my, sad.

Higgins has to go!!! Seriously is right. Going for it on third and two in the first half. Not challenging an obvious PI - but then challenging what was clearly not a PI??? He has been calling bad plays and making bad challenges all season. I am sure it is disturbing to the rhythm of the team - never knowing which end is going to be up. When you look at the roster of this team, it is filled with all-stars. They can't all play bad all the time. Hawkins steered this Titanic straight into the iceberg last year and Higgins is now just rearranging the deck chairs. And while we are at it... he can take Dinwiddie with him.

Again a second-half collapse. Sigh. Don't know why I'm surprised but the team has quit on its crew of inept coaches, and I include Thorpe in that group. We needed the D to hang tough in the second half and they failed.

Cant wait to see the attendance at Molson Stadium next week. Im done with this shit. What league can u challenge a pass interference call? Its like challenging a goalie interference in hockey. This league and the Alouettes are a joke. This is what happens when you wait 1 month before training camp to hire a coach and fire another one during camp.

I have to second DAP's latest comment.

On the Ticat game forum for tonight, most of us were gobsmacked by Higgins's non-challenge of the DPI on Carter. He simply seems out of it. I can't see Popp or the Als brass putting up with this garbage game after game much longer because the standard of excellence is clear with the organization and Higgins is failing miserably. When you have a razor-thin margin for error due to the offensive troubles the club has faced, these kinds of game-management brain farts by an experienced head coach are inexcusable.


If Johnny was around, he'd start a "Fire Tom Higgins !!!" thread.
Skeletor has got to go.