Armstrong got absolutely robbed of that non-catch touchdown. It blows my mind that they could call that an incomplete ball. He has the ball and slid 5 yards into the endzone before it came out. That is basically saying if a guy catches a touchdown pass then spikes the ball, did he have control of the ball? Honestly that is a joke, I sure as h3ll hope that does not play a factor in any playoff game because that is flat out bull sh!t and anyone that can debate that with a straight face needs their head checked. This reffing is just getting stupid now, yes it can be funny ONCE or TWICE but this seems like there is at least 3 or 4 calls per week that are just ridiculous.

Also, I am a Rider fan so this game means nothing to me, however I'm also just as big a CFL fan and to see garbage like this is down right disturbing. For once I agree with Suitor, that rule needs to be re-looked at. Instant replay is not the problem, it is the understanding of the rules that is robbing this game from exciting plays. I can't believe it...

First of all I am an Als fan and I agree that it should have been a catch and TD.

Don't blame the Ref on this one however. The league changed the rule this year and based on that rule, I'm not so sure.

They have dis-allowed quite a few catches based on the new rule.

I know they have Ro and that is why I said they NEED to re-look at this rule because it really hurting the league. More than half the teams are upset at the reffing and that is just not good. However, the whole thing CAN be fixed over one off season. They just need to come together to make it happen.

But come on Ro, the ref has to use a bit of common sense for plays like these...I hope you would agree on that despite the "surviving the contact" rule.

Well I'm a Calgary fan and it was not a completion, the way they are calling the game this year. The ref however did call it a touchdown,and Montreal's coach chalenged weather it was caught inbounds. He didn't callenge if it were a catch. The chalenge has to be specific, and it was. The video judge should have rulled the ball inbounds, as it was, and in fact has no right to change the call as an incomplition, because that was not the question. It should have been " Upon further review to see if the ball was caught in bounds, it was, and therefore the play stands."

////the reffing in this league sometimes becomes mind-boggling...but the bad calls are not just made on the Bombers...i've seen some horrendous penalties called this year...and all teams have been a victim... :thdn:

Is there a school or book 'Reffing for dummies 101".

It's not the reffing paps, its a judgment call by the league this year what is a completed pass. Actually both pro leagues will be reviewing what constitutes possession. I Remember earlier this year against the Riders the new possession rule favored our squad...I don't agree with the way the Brain trust views possession of the Ball...Go Bombers..

nah the book is called "I hate The Bombers 101" or at least it seems that way sometimes. i disagree with it but we got the win so frankly i don;t care.

We thought it was a good challenge by Popp, but did anyone notice that he challenged that the receiver was out of bounds and not whether or not the pass was completed ? Steen is the worst ref in the league bar none.

The specific part of the play being challenged is the only thing that should be reviewed. Otherwise, why have the coaches clarify what they are challenging? If the refs are gonna pull moves like that they should check out the video without explanation on a challenge. It would be like one of those touch screen spot the differences games lol.

Get rid of the replays, they're useless. If someone were to take the time to analyse all of the challenges and see how many were wrong, I am sure we would be surprised at how little they have contributed.

i agree. bud steen is brutal and really seems to be out to get winnipeg alot of times. and i know that seems biase dbeing a winnipeg boy but seriously just take the time to look.

i also agree that the challenge should be taken out of the cfl. we don;t have enough angles to cover the play well enough. this normally leads to incorrect calls. not to mention how it kills the speed of the game.

,,,that was what i was referring to in my comment in our particular bad reffing ...i mean inconsistency...and phantom calls.... and overall that does not look good on our league... :thdn: :roll:

I'm a BC fan, and I agree that should have been a past years, but this year with that new (STUPID) rule change, they have been calling it incomplete. It is consistant with whats been rulled incomplete all year.

Be angry with the rules commitee (George Black & the 8 CFL Coaches) not the officials on this one.