Seriously, what shows, names or word and phrases may be banned by society?

I am guessing Archie Bunker will someday be pulled.

song " Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody"

Maybe Adam 12

Dudley Do-Right show

How about the Dukes of Hazzard.

Used to watch it back then.

Not certain ... the show was made to mock the characters' racist beliefs and to show slow/minor evolution in those beliefs.

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...I agree, AITF didn't champion Archie's racism, it was used as a comedic vehicle to reveal racism within society ...once something evil is put under light it tends to not do so well...and Archie's character arc did soften over the well, AITF resulted in a few spin-off shows with primarily black casts, something revolutionary for the day...on top of all this, these shows were pretty darn funny, well written and topical...

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The Village People, hardcore rap, the term "pardon my French", almost all martial arts movies, Breakfast at Tiffanys, Bonanza, certain episodes of Gilligans Island, Batman, about 95% of all jokes told at comedy clubs, Ali G, Borat, Bruno, the Dictator, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Bens (I know they already dropped the pictures on their labels, but according to the new way of thinking even the names remaining might be too much of a "trigger" for some people), calling a boat "she" the term "hey you guys", Chiquita Bananas, Fanta Soda Pop, VW Bugs, Speedy Gonzales, Street Fighter video game, Mike Tyson's Punchout, The Burger King, Ronald McDonald, Apu from the Simpsons, 90% of Family Guy, Paw Patrol, Foghorn Leghorn, 25% of Disney movies, any old Cowboy Western movies, any movie and or similar production where a minority plays the role of a butler, driver, home cook/housekeeper. About 60% of all Bugs Bunny, and Tom & Jerry cartoons, pretty much all sports team names (including mascots) cause just wait till the animal rights folks get involved.

Yup, great time to be alive.


What about the movie and the book Black Like Me.

Ghosts Can't Do It
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
The Little Rascals
Across the Sea of Time
The Associate
Two Weeks Notice
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
The Jeffersons
I'll Take Manhattan
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
The Nanny
Suddenly Susan
The Drew Carey Show
Night Man
Spin City
Sex and the City
The Job
Saturday Night Live
Days of Our Lives
WrestleMania 23
Top Gear USA
The Men Who Built America
The Apprentice

No ... the book was an expose (albeit from the perspective of a white man) of the prejudice and oppression that Blacks faced around 1960 ... never saw the movie.

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It is funny though when you watch some of these older shows. I watched Father Knows Best awhile ago and it made me shudder at how the family was structured. At the time I guess it was considered the way a family was supposed to be.

how do you mean structured?

I mean at how much authority the Father held over the family. He wore a suit all the time. He was deferred to all the time. The daughter was called Kitten. Son was Bud. The wife/mother served all.

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gotcha..I really did

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Though knowing it would be a controversial show, Carroll O'Connor insisted, when offered the role of Archie Bunker, that he would do it only if he could play it true.

Obviously it worked, but such a show I do not see made again in my lifetime.

Nowadays folks are fired in Hollywood and in Manhattan and in Washington and in most big cities for far less even when it is such fiction.

Archie racist ? Naww, don't you remember he had black blood in him ? He even used it to scare away some white friends....Then there was Sammy Davis jr., both a Jew and a black man. Him and Archie were like kissing cousins....And Archie always kept a bottle of Manischevitz wine around just in case any of his Jewish friends dropped by. :smile:

Wow well it was only a matter of hours before somebody had to hit all the buttons on this thread I guess.

I think Archie had done enough - in character - so as yo illustrate many such points just fine long ago.

Perhaps now we can await our own CFL Forum stampede again to have yet another locked thread before too long.

Dun dun dunnnn...

Well FYB some see things from another angle.

Consider how much was allowed and chiefly from one point of origin.

And folks on the receiving end have seen it coming much of their lives. /fist bump

When comments or retaliation are sent back the other way to the chief origin, wow are there now a whole lot of new "victims" from those of the majority origin I would note.

Of course natural human reaction, in efforts to right past wrongs including in entertainment and propaganda, is often in overreaction also known as the media flavour of the week, month, et cetera.

So I see much overdue correction despite numerous misses in attempts to make correction, for dominant history missed the right mark far more.

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Problem is lack of context and timing.
Movie with Clint Eastwood. Grand Turino.
Guy used racist terms towards everybody. White denominations, asians etc... friend or foe.
You could call him an ignorant old fool. He would be fired, doxed and cancelled and targeted to ruin his life based on how he spoke if it was present time.

But character also had a big heart, that actual chose others over his own family because of their character.

Watching old movies and seeing people treat each other in a different way, is actual learning. Gone with the Wind was a fictional story based on times in the past. Yes, people can get caught up in the storylines and flowery crap (what I like to call all the romance shows my wife likes), but when you watch it, it also wakes you up going, wow, people treated each other that way. Wow, I am lucky to only have to deal with first world problems.

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