Seriously TSN ???

Had to shake my head at this one when I saw it on the screen last night . TSN advertising and hyping up the game tonight by showing one QB who won't even be dressing and the other who is the 2nd stringer . ::slight_smile:

I'm setting the over/under on how many times that our boy Rod Black says "Johnny Football" tonight at at least 250 times. I sure hope that he's got his big boy depends pants on because with both JF and the son of Steve now playing on the same team he's liable to wet himself tonight . :o

Okay, it's a goof up on TSN for putting Ray on there (but........... he's also the face of the team)

as for Manziel.... uh.... duh? it's a preseason game the highly touted second stringer is probably gonna see most of the first half.

Why is everyone getting so bent out of shape over this
(yes, I'm referring to twitter reactions, rather than this thread at the moment)

Wow , I didn't realise that it had blown up on twitter . So when you say bent out of shape over this is it mostly negative feedback on Ray being shown or the fact that Manziel is shown instead of Masoli ?

In defence of TSN they most likely had the graphic already drawn up before the official depth charts came out and were figuring that Ray was dressing and possibly seeing some early game snaps before being pulled and replaced by the 2nd,3rd and 4th string guys .

By the way just curious but are you betting over or under on the Rod Black "Johnny Football" wager ? ;D

Over. Way over. I really hope someone counts how many times he says it.

There is no blowing up on Twitter, there's been a few reactions, but mostly the usual nonsense from the Manziel fanboys who can't take the slightest criticisms...

The Ray/Manziel thing is just another example of how the ‘media’ gets their teeth into a story and just cannot let it go. If you are watching the Stanley Cup, it’s close-ups of Oveckin after every friggin goal or save.

We’ll probably see shots of Manziel tonight (I always PVR) after every big play or missed play by Jeremiah, or any other QB, not to mention the pre-game hype with the panel and no doubt an in-game or post-game interview. “Over here, Johnny, look at me, Johnny?. Like teeny boppers after a concert.

As to Rod Black, the count on “Johnny Football? began last night. I’m thinking you’d need a pen and pad, or golf stroke counter to keep up.

Like most news organization TSN is just going where the buzz is. Reality really doesn’t matter.

Where are you going to find the most viewers? Well if you base it on Twitter and instagram Johnny Football has more viewers than the CFL.

If the goal of ads/promos for upcoming games is to get the most viewers to that broadcast (which it is) - then it was a no brainer for TSN to use the Manziel image. And Ray made sense too until it was revealed he won’t be playing.

Is that what ads are for? Huh. Who knew?

Makes total sense to me. At the game last night, Manziel was the main topic of discussion when it came to the Ticats. Like it or not, he is a media sensation.

The media frenzy up here is exposing (more than most things) just how much most Canadians love to swim in the wake of anything big from the US.

We as Canadians suck at creating our own buzz with something/someone here. It's always somewhere/someone else, and typically the US based. Sad really.

To be honest, he's a pretty big media sensation in the States too.

He's one of theirs.... so of course they follow him. My point is that most Canadians pay more attention to American things and people more than their own.

Nothing and no one in our nation will improve and grow when our attention is elsewhere.

Just speculation but if JFF eventually becomes a star in the CFL I would predict it would double the viewership of the CFL. As Jones told the team, "a rising tide lifts all boats."

Puts a lot of pressure on Manziel, the guy has only had about 13 days of trading camp.

Just to point out, he's now one of ours. I'm embracing him as any other teammate.

I thought TSN would have went with Vernon Adams in the graphic but since he isn't in the depth chart they had to use that other guy. :wink:

Speaking of screw ups and TSN anybody else remember a few years back when Bakari Grant was still with us ? I used to howl every-time they would show his graphic but the pic they showed was of Corey Grant instead . Me thinks that someone is asleep at the switch in the data department when it comes to updating and downloading the data base and player profiles over there ???.

Yeah, that was bad.

Is that why we are still a largely agrarian economy lacking roads, electricity or internet connectivity?

I'm talking about things like our football, basketball, or any other thing where the US is seen as superior, and how many Canadians support the American version of those things more and complain that ours is lacking - while also not supporting ours.

Simon Fraser plays in the NCAA Div. II, rather than the CIS, because they want their athletes to "compete at the highest level". Well... how will ours ever get better when you remove schools and support?