Seriously Tiger-Cats Shop

WOW! That's the best you can come up with for NEW Ticats Merchandise?

I'm thinking you can do better then that?

Who designs this stuff?

I have always said for many years, get the fans involved in what WE want, maybe you won't have so many Clearance Sales

Just Saying!

I took a quick glance, seemed like lots of women's and kids stuff. Nothing really caught my eye. Maybe more stuff will come out later.

It's okay though, I bought an Arkells shirt with the old Tiger-Cat logo at the concert on Friday.

It seems like it's the stuff the TiCats create / produce as opposed to the Adidas gear.

Think you're spot on, the new women's line looks pretty neat.

The new mens products look like garbage. I'd be hesitant to even bother advertising it, there's barely any new product and what's there doesn't look interesting at all.