Serious respect for Mark Hominick

If there is a good way to lose a fight, Mark Hominick did it. I think the Cats made a good investment on this one. Holy crap, I sincerely hope a rematch is in the works.

From what I hear, he put up a real gutsy effort. All the best in the future to our man Mark. :thup:

Not a big UFC fan... i watched this fight and was amazed at the fight he showed. Agreed, Serious Respect.

WOW !! That kid is amazing. Great fight, Great Heart !! He never gave up. Nice to see him represent the Hamilton Tiger-Cats with CLASS !!

Well Done Mark :thup: :thup:

What a fight!

Too bad he couldn't fit that hat on his head after the fight. That was petty funny.

A few people watching the fight commented they wanted to buy that Hominick hat with his name on it and all.

St. Pierre stars but Hominick steals the show

[url=] ... s-the-show[/url]

Mark Hominick's ultimate homecoming

[url=] ... homecoming[/url]

Include me as one of them. I sent a message to the Ti-Cat store on that one, and I sincerely hope they do.

What a fight, he may not have one but it was the fight of the night and he did a lot better than mos expected.

I picked up my hat just before I went down to Toronto to watch him fight..

Mark is an absolute worrior! He fought with a ton of heart and deserves a rematch.. He definitely gained a lot of fans from this fight and made the Ti-Cats a lot more money and fans also.

Great Job Mark! You made us all proud tonight!

Check out the Tiger-Cat logo on his shorts.

That kid is a BEAST! I have never seen anything quite like that before. Going into it, nobody gave him a chance at beating Aldo. The announcers actually said "don't blink" at the beginning of the fight thinking it was going to be over that quickly. He did me proud. He really put up a good fight and showed so much heart. For a lot of that fight Aldo (who was supposed to destroy Hominick) was just holding on and resting. He spent the bulk of the 5th round on the mat being pounded by Hominick. The judge who said Aldo won every round was clearly watching a different fight. CK, looking at the knot on his head made me want to cry, but it was funny that he actually tried to put that hat on lol.

Congrats to Mark, he represented the Ticats well.

Dana White, president of UFC, predicted the Aldo/ Hominick fight to be "the fight of the night", and he was right.

Check out the FOX sports video at 1:40 ( prior to that, he talks about the St Pierre fight)

Here's the Aldo/Hominick fight in two parts. It's a 5 round title fight for the featherweight championship.

That last round was amazing. He had us all cheering and on the edge of our seats by coming that close to beating the champ.

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks for the links guys.

Didn’t realize it’s in 3 parts. Part 3 shows Hominick’s guts and “come back” that fell just short

Part 2

I watched the fight and he showed that fighting spirit ,the eye of the tiger it was a better fight then St Pierre by far :thup: :rockin: STEELTOWN TOUGH!

Jeff "The Inferno" Joslin should make a comeback as UFC is taking canada by storm!?

UFC ROCKS :rockin:

Aldo, Hominick nab 'fight of the night' bonus

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Hominick displayed true heart and courage, as Banshee said… he was a beast in that fight and it was by far the Fight of The Night. Great fight and my hat goes off to the gutsy effort Mark showed in almost completing the comeback.!!!

If you missed UFC 129, you can check out Hominick's entrance here:

Hominick gives new meaning to ‘Ticat tough’

[i]If the Hamilton Tiger-Cats were looking for someone to represent the toughness and never-back-down attitude they like to portray, they hit the jackpot with Mark Hominick.

The 28-year-old featherweight, who signed a sponsorship deal with the team and wore a Ticats’ cap into the cage as well as a logo on his shorts throughout the fight, easily earned the unofficial title of toughest fighter of the night...

...As part of Hominick’s deal with the Cats, he’ll be attending at least one game this season and likely visible in other ways around the stadium.[/i]

[url=] ... icat-tough[/url]

Don't know how the Spec overlooked the fact that his fight was FIGHT OF THE NIGHT and it earned him an extra $129,000.

Great post Captain. :thup: