I have already given up. And if the same coaches are here next year, 2024 will be a wash too.

But hoping for the best and assuming a new batch of coaches come in, what would it look like to release Bo? Is that even possible? What are the cap ramifications?

Seem like it’s not realistic that he’ll be here for long. I understand we had to try to do something at QB but how do we get out of this? That’s a LOT of cap space we can use to build up the team in other spots.

Or do we just suck it up for 3 years and see what happens?

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Having $300,000. in his pocket as a paid signing bonus, Mitchell’s game cheques, this season, would be for about $11,000. The team couldn’t release him until he’s healed and is taken off the 6-game injury list. If he was kept on that list through another 5 games, then his cheques for games 3 through 8 would be cap savings, and if he was, at that point, released the club would save another, about, $110K.
So, in that scenario, the actual club savings would be $110K and the cap savings would be about $176K.
If the club didn’t release him before the team’s 9th game, his veteran status would guarantee his receiving the full season’s salary.


So cap savings wouldn’t be prorated over the full schedule including signing bonus like in the NHL?

I have no idea on that question.

The cap is only calculated once. So total spend at the end of the season. (I think that’s what you’re asking)

Just because there is cap space doesn’t mean there are good players sitting around waiting to be signed.
Even if they wait for NFL cuts in September, I doubt there are any qualified QBs that can step in and be starters.
They need help on the O-line but if they sign some Americans they need to drop Americans at the talent position.
There are too many teams chasing too few talented players, they are stuck with what they have.


QB isn’t the problem anyways. Any one of Glenn, Burris, Collaros, Masoli or Evans could have won us a Grey Cup.

Talent evaluation and building a championship roster with a combination of free agents, rookies, draft and existing stars takes a football department that knows what they’re doing, we’ve lacked consistency that for as long as I can remember.


I believe the CFL cap is “cash based”, based on when money is spent … once a bonus is paid the full amount counts against that season’s cap … even if the player is released.

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yes, I believe that to be true but if Bo makes $500K including bonus does each game he misses give cap relief for $500K divided by 18?

Or his salary divided by 18?

If a bonus was paid before the season there is no relief for games missed … if it is (for example) a bonus of $X per game played then the $X would not be paid and not count against the cap … performance bonuses depend on their specifics.

If Bo made a $300k bonus before the season and $200 salary for the season, then $200k / 18 Game cheques would be saved for each game he is on the 6 game. (Or longer).


We are the Toronto Maple Leafs of the CFL, die hard fan base that supports whatever is on the field. “Proud owners of the longest Grey Cup Drought” title!

No matter who we have as our coaches we will not win! Either our upper management is that dumb to build a solid team… or they are simply taking advantage of the die hard fan base! It really is sad because it is the CFL and we could not win the Grey Cup once! since 1999? (now 9 team). I blame upper management because they bring in the GM’S, coaches etc. And in turn they are the ones who let our solid players walk, only to bring in a “Plug” and it hopes it fixes everything, or start fresh with a bunch of rookies!

It has become so predictable the last few years I don’t even get upset anymore. Because if the owners and higher management do not care… why should I? All it is doing is making me support our old players who are on other teams.

For example looks like another ex Ti-Cat we blamed for our woes last year… Well it look like he is on a team that looks like they may win the Grey Cup this year! Even as a back up he is better off!


Owners and management care, they’re just not good at their jobs.


Yet somehow still have the jobs… for a long time now! Not saying every year bring in new coaches, management or whatever! But I will say this again… If I a fan can see the patterns of this management and coaching staff for the last 2-4 years… how can you expect it to be different the next year?

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I have 2 responses to this topic of potential Cap Space savings & other issues, as well as future recruiting of QB’s:

  1. Cap Space Allocation: First of all, I hate to say this after the fact, but I believe the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are learning the same difficult lesson that the BC Lions learned when they enticed Michael Reilly to leave Edmonton . . . if you tie up too much of your Cap Space in a single position, it is bound to have an impact on the rest of your roster. In the Lions’ situation, the OLine that they had was porous and could not protect Reilly. In the Tiger-Cats’ situation, they have actually invested a lot in their OLine in terms of signing Revenberg, Beard, and finally Figueroa. Unfortunately 60% of the starting OLine is injured (Riley, Woodmansey, and finally the aformentioned Figueroa . . . plus Saxelid as well) so this is showing up on the field in Hamilton for very different reasons. Plus to add insult to injury, the “prize” QB (BLM) is not earning his keep (not yet anyhow). But I believe the disproportionate use of Cap Space is showing up on the Defensive side of the ball in Hamilton. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere, but I strongly suspect the 'Cats braintrust has invested way more in the Offensive side of the ball than the Defensive side of the ball, and this is also showing up on the field.
  2. Recruiting QB’s: I believe this has been a big challenge for CFL teams for a very long time now, which explains why QB’s like McManus, Calvillo, Damon Allen, Ray, Burris, Collaros, Harris etc. and yes even BLM, remain in demand as long as they choose to keep playing. And the existence of the XFL & USFL only makes this situation worse. It will remain very difficult for the CFL to entice new QB’s with exceptional talent to come North of the border. Only 3 teams in the CFL (Toronto, Calgary & Edmonton) feature starting QB’s who are not re-treads in 2023 !! I don’t think this situation is going to change anytime soon. I commented on this situation in the off-season when Nathan Rourke signed his contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
    Ponder on that for a minute . . .

Well said!

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Regardless of what happens this year, I’m pretty sure this “attempt” at winning the Grey Cup at home is a one year shot. I suspect the sell off of the “talent” will begin almost as soon as the whistle goes to end this years Grey Cup. Then, it’s probably 1997 all over again…

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I got news for you , it’s 1997 right now .


Well…They’re getting an early start…

Bright side. Hamilton is only 2 years away from winning the cup.