Serious fans wanted

Warning read ahead before going to this site

Hey everybody, I just want to let everyone know that if you're tired of seeing countless stupid posts on this forum (i.e. Ricky Ray waxes his eyebrows) there is an alternative. There's a new CFL forum for people who actually want to talk FOOTBALL. It's brand new, so we'll be starting with a clean slate. If you're a serious CFL fan, please check out this forum.

Finally we can talk some football.

Sounds too serious. Thanks anyhow.

Yeah, I have fun here, and there's enough football talk out there - you just have to go to those posts ...

Oh ya I want to go here!!!

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Nope not interested

Trying to attract members of this forum by dissing the posts of one of its funniest member won't serve you.

Go back to chatting alone in your private forum and have a nice power trip.

And you have to install software that will moniter your web browsing and will send you pop-up advertising based on what type of sites you visit.

Fargen Bastages

What you’re trying to say is the site contains spyware? Ya I stay away from those types of places too.

Well its worst than spyware because spyware stays in the background and doesn't really bother you.
This junk is called Gain.
Visit say a car dealer site and you will get pop-up after pop-up of advertising for car dealers, visit any site and get ads for that type of product

Spywares aren't without consequences. They constantly use your bandwith to communicate with... whoever they communicate with, and that slows your Internet experience.

Bad choise of word on my part.
When I say it doesnt bother you I mean unless you are loaded with it you don't see it happening. It runs with out your knowledge.

With this stuff you will constantly be closing windows.

Pretty safe to say that anyone on a CFL website’s a serious football fan, Sherlock. Here’s an idea, on your new site, why don’t you make a rule…if you stray away from any topic unrelated to the actual play on the field you get sodomized by that team’s defence. Oh, and a lifetime banishment…that should make for good reading

Bugger off cookie tracker.

there are planty of other CFL fan sites to go to..there is, and almost each team has their own fan site