Series Playoff format?

There's nothing really wrong with the current playoff format, but a bit of research indicates that at one time the east division would do a two-game total points series for the East Final and the West did a best-of-three series for the Final. The season could start earlier to compensate. You'd probably want the same format for both divisions though. You could extend the playoffs an extra week and have an earlier start to the season. The extra home date could make more money.

Just an idea, for the sake of debate.

The thing I wouldn't like about two-game total points series would be how teams would have to run up the score.

No need to change.

To steal ro1313's line. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!

there was nothing better than the 2 game total point series remember in 1986 the cats were down 26 points to the argos and came back one of the most memorable games i've been at in my lifetime

Back in the 1960's they played two game total point home and home playoff games. One year Saskatchewan got blown out in game one and when game two was played in Saskatchewan the stands were empty. In the first half Ron Lancaster put on a huge show and generated a huge comeback and this created a traffic jam in Regina with people trying to get to Taylor Field. By the time the second half started the stands were packed. Although this format created one of the greatest moments in CFL history the chances of the second game being a financial disaster if the home team in way behind before the game starts is a real possibility and that is why they will never try that format again.

Good point RiderBrian, two game total point should remain a memory from the 60's!


EAST VS WEST is the best format.
Just get rid of cross Over..

Too many season games, for having two games for total points. If you want to add a game it should be one more pre season game.

It would be SO much fun to watch two teams battle each other throughout a series ... to me, series have way more drama than single-game-elimination. But logistically, I just don't think it could work (on top of the financial liability, and that it ain't broke). It doesn't seem "right" to me that the Division Finals would be 2- or 3-game series, but the Grey Cup would be a one-off. Scheduling would be next to impossible (mostly referring here to a best-2-out-of-3 series). And, the series would probably lose their lustre, if games were only being played weekly (as opposed to every other night).

I would love to see it, but I don't think it would work.