Serena Williams Temper Tantrum(s)

Serena Williams acts like a child at the U.S. Open and NOT for the first time - she acted like a child during a loss to Kim Clijsters 10 years back.

And, of course, it’s not her or her coaches fault. It’s a “man’s” fault - he, of course, discriminated against her because he is a sexist pig. ::slight_smile:

Sure wish she would grow up.

The booing at the match was disgraceful. Sure glad her opponent chose Japan as her country and not the U.S.

New York Post got it right…

Totally agree watched her lose all composure as she was realizing she was being conquered .

She has a new baby and was actually telling the ump about her kid . Who tells the umpire she has a kid and she doesn't cheat . People with kids don't cheat ??

Then she turns around and says she is standing up for women .

How is that ? Your only yelling about your own interests and worry about your endorsement deal where she ends it by saying" Mama says to knock you out ".
Should be mama says whine like a child if your getting beat .

She was telling him he needs to apologize to her and calls him a thief .

Watched it at length and it was deplorable behaviour condoned on the thoughts that men have said worse . Really that's your defence . Yes sir two wrongs do make a right .

What's wrong with people not standing up to celebrity BS and entitlement .

The Social Justice Warriors are siding with Serena.

As for the “mother” comment…

There was a woman on Big Brother who was “put on the block” and was upset because it was done on her child’s birthday. LOL. Get over yourself.

Remember when she threatened the female lines person in 2009 - because she was losing.

Wonder if that was sexual discrimination as well? ::slight_smile:

She absolutely she did lose her cool but IMO the umpire absolutely blew it:

A - for the coaching penalty. ALL players are coached throughout a match and it is never called - never mind in a Grand Slam Final

B - When he gave her the game penalty (that basically clinched the match for Serena’s opponent) over the ‘thief’ remark. MANY men players have said much worse and not been penalized to that degree.

That is why so many of the top women AND male players in the world have spoken up in defence of Serena today.

To be fair, the umpire could have given a warning to Serena about his coach’s signals, and to give a code violation if the coaching doesn’t stop.

However, Serena had a complete meltdown after breaking her racquet, and her penalties were well deserved, regardless of what former US tennis players are saying (Roddick, Blake, King).

Let’s not forget 2011, with her COME ON scream incident against Stosur.

I am just disappointed that the final will be remembered for the Serena incident, and not for Osaka’s excellent play.

I still think the penalty of a game - was over the top. She was walking away to go serve at 3-4 in the 2nd set when he then announced the game penalty - that basically handed the match to Serena’s opponent since it put her up a break.

An umpire should only ever have such an impact on the match as a VERY last resort - especially at a Grand Slam final. At least a quiet verbal warning that he would penalize her a game if she didn’t stop. Not to do it as she is walking away to serve after as innocuous a comment as ‘you’re a thief. You stole a point from me’ while walking away to go serve.

And it isn’t just former American players backing Serena. Azarenka tweeted ‘This is BS. If this was a men’s match, it just wouldn’t happen like this. It just wouldn’t.’

Deserved win for Osaka though. Glad to see Serena quiet the boos from the crowd and give credit to Osaka. A new tennis star is born.

I think the ESPN tennis announcer Chris Fowler summed it up well.

When you think you’ve seen it all in tennis.. you have not. Truly unfortunate that the umpire got involved far too much. Restraint called for. So a wonderful performance by [url=]@Naomi_Osaka_[/url] was partly spoiled. She was wrongly gifted a game, but earned the title. A huge new star.

New Queen for the women - but one of the old guard on the Men’s side with Djokovic winning again.

Gee... Surprise, surprise...

Patrick is finding fault with the male ref.

What about in 2009 when Serena THREATENED TO KILL a lineswoman?

As for the other players coming to her defense, the players stick together, especially against the people who run the tournament.

When a player has a history of THREATENING TO KILL PEOPLE during matches, the judges have every right to rule with a firm hand.

Funny how Patrick overlooked that. ::slight_smile:

Imagine is a white male player had threatened to kill a female linewoman.
The SJW would be calling for his head on a silver platter.

Serena Williams ranks just above TFC fans in terms of class. The NY Post is right : SORE LOSER!!!

When you THREATEN TO KILL SOMEONE over a line call, you don’t deserve kid gloves. The umpire was right to be heavy handed.

Serena should have be BANNED FOR LIFE after 2009.

…I heard once that Serena Williams once threatened to kill a linesperson…can’t remember though where I heard that…

LOL. In case you missed it, I posted it thrice! :slight_smile:

Was a tiny asian lineswoman - but didn't Serena threaten to jam her racket down the lady's throat - or somesuch. Wasn't a clear death threat, not that it matters.

Surprised Serena didn't escalate vs. Chair umpire Ramos last nite - threatening him with physical violence!

Donald Trump probably having Kellyanne (his girl with the excessive pancake makeup) polling into the night - trying to decide which side of the issue to tweet-pop against. Serena hates him, Trump hates latinos like Ramos so who knows. Its pretty much 50/50 and Trump likes to go against the majority so there's a huge chance he sits this dog fight out.

Re : “Was a tiny asian lineswoman - but didn’t Serena threaten to jam her racket down the lady’s throat - or somesuch. Wasn’t a clear death threat, not that it matters.”

“Serena Williams fined $12,000 for threatening to kill lineswoman”

I remember the match. She threatened to kill her.

Re : "Surprised Serena didn’t escalate vs. Chair umpire Ramos last nite - threatening him with physical violence! "

If you or I threatened to kill a lineswoman, we’d be banned for life. Why wasn’t she?

Sorry two wrongs don't make a right .

The men should be penalized as well .

But if you actually listen to her argument with the ref it's totally on a personal

level .

She knew she was getting beat and decided to let the warning get under her skin

with broken racket tirade then a one sided dressing down of the ref for her own

selfish arrogant behaviour .

Celebrities and sports figures like to stick together and make it about them and

some larger struggle when it's just one persons selfish desires that are being

denied .

This was about Serena and her ego with being a new mother and getting a

contract with Gatorade and the LL Cool J song and not winning the big one .

Nothing more nothing less .


“But it was disappointing that King said nothing about the poor timing of Williams’s powerful voice. It made me think back to last year’s Open, when the Italian player Fabio Fognini unleashed a barrage of Italian curses upon a female umpire and was kicked out of the tournament.”

Good to see Martina Natrilova not buying into it and making it more about the moment gone wrong by Serena .

Not all tennis players see Serena as a victim .

Good article .